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7 Reasons You Need to Use OptiMind Nootropics


We’ve all had those days.  The days when no matter how many cups of coffee you drink, you simply can’t adhere to the task at hand.  You know, those days when the big project is due, but your old friend from college was in town last night and a couple drinks to catch up turned into “holy shit, what time did I get home?”  Well, while we can’t cure the hangover for you, we can at least point you in the direction of mental alertness and the ability to focus.  Here are 10 problems we all run into far too often, and the simple fix everyone should be using.

1. It’s Monday


As much as we’re all tired of hearing it, seriously, f*ck Mondays.  The weekend was great, and getting your brain back into work-functional mode is next to impossible.  We’ve all been there.


Take 2 OptiMind pills and talk to me when it’s Friday.

2. Happy Hour Ran Late…


Sure, a couple cheap beers sounded like a great idea, but do you even remember ordering those last few rounds… of shots?  Even if the hangover isn’t ungodly brutal, your brain definitely isn’t on its ‘A’ game.


Once the spinning stops, grab a good breakfast and wash it down with a few doses of OptiMind.  Foggy brains are for those with nothing to do.  You’ve got shit to do.  

3. Meeting, After Meeting, After Meeting, After…

Young business team exchausted and over worked

So your brain didn’t start on slow motion today, but after your third meeting in a row the ability to focus any longer is officially gone.  You know you were in meeting number three, but you aren’t quite sure what it was about.  What’s that?  Meet in the conference room in 15 minutes to go over those TPS reports? Great.


Just because you didn’t take OptiMind to start the day, doesn’t mean you can’t take it to get through the rest of it.  It kicks in quickly, and lasts as long as your day does.  Start with 2 and increase depending on how mentally exhausting the next meeting is.

4. That Big Presentation


Sometimes clarity and focus are what you really need.  Not only do you need to speak on point during your big moment, but you need to be on the ball and ready to answer any questions that come up.  Help give your memory that extra nudge to perfection.


OptiMind not only helps with mental alertness and focus, but can help increase memory as well.  Study up with OptiMind, and have the right answers at the right times.

5. Finals


Not all big moments hold off until you’re in your career.  Some of the most stressful times, yet the times you need to focus the hardest and have your memory on point are your college years.  We’ve all done an all-nighter or two in our day only to realize you don’t remember a damn thing you just studied for the past 6 hours.  All you want is sleep, and your brain isn’t going to budge on that thought.


Study with OptiMind before it’s the last minute, and obtain more of the information in the first place.  Of course, college kids are always going to be huge fans of procrastination, but you can jog your brain again in the morning while rushing out the door and have some help recalling those last pages you fell asleep to.

6. To Gain That Extra Edge


Being good is good, being the best is what gets you to the top.  You don’t have to have a big project due, or be half asleep to want your brain to function at a higher level.  Being the best you can be every single day is what will get you noticed.


Make OptiMind part of your morning regimen and wow your bosses, clients, and coworkers each and every day.

7. Improve Your Everyday Life


Tired of scrambling for your keys every morning, leaving post-its on every corner of your desk, and… shit, is it my day to pick up the kid!?


Switch out those post-it notes for OptiMind and remember these little things without the chaos.  Having your brain function at a higher level is always a good thing.  And when that helps you keep your sanity in an otherwise insane life, that is an even better thing.

OptiMind Nootropics


Truthfully, OptiMind is one of those products that can help in a million different ways.  So whether you’re trying to improve your mental abilities on an everyday basis, or simply want that extra boost on the days you’re lagging or really need to be on the top of your game, OptiMind is the best brain booster we’ve tried.  You not only get clear focus, mental energy and an improved memory, but you keep that powerful brain for hours without ever burning out.  Want to learn more about OptiMind and all the natural goodness inside that stimulates that brain of yours?  Check out Life, Tailored’s recent article on this awesome brain enhancement, or head over to OptiMind and grab a free sample for yourself.  And, as OptiMind would say, welcome to the new you.

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