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7 Accessories to Add Flare to Your Suit

“The suit makes the man” couldn’t be any truer, especially if we’re talking about impressing your future wife. A well-fitted or nicely tailored suit can add sharpness to your look and bring out some confidence in you. So if you are prepping up for your big day, you’d be glad to know that there are ways to spruce up your dapper, smart suit style by adding these subtle yet at the same time noticeable details.

  1. Pocket Square. This timeless piece never goes out of style. It instantly adds a colorful touch to your suit. A pocket square should complement the tie or contrast it, not match it completely. There are different ways to fold a pocket square, depending on the occasion and how you want it to appear. For the wedding, the presidential fold is a good choice as it is considered elegant. But if you want to be a bit quirky, you can do the puff fold.
  1. Timepiece. An elegant accessory, your timepiece can say much about your personality. The color, material, and size are important in choosing what watch to wear when wearing a suit. Ideally, your watch should match the color of your belt and shoes. A gold case with a leather strap is the safest way to go, but you can always experiment depending on your taste. The size should just be enough, oversized watch could ruin your look.
  1. Colorful Socks. When you sit down and your socks are revealed, what do they say about you? You can make a statement by complementing your suit with colorful and brightly colorful socks with patterns. Your socks can go with the day’s color motif but should preferably match your trousers, it should coordinate and not overpower your suit.
  1. Cufflinks. This traditional detail is used to fasten shirt cuffs closed, just like buttons, but only stylish. Since they are a separate item, you have more flexibility to work around them. There are different types of cufflinks, the chain cufflinks, being the most traditional and the original of all types will go perfectly with your wedding attire.
  1. Suspenders. Add a unique touch to your look with suspenders. Just remember, if you’re already wearing suspenders, don’t wear a belt anymore. Choose a color that goes well with your overall look and pick a type that you are most comfortable in. Suspenders are not only trendy but also functional as they help hold up the trousers, to give a neater look.
  1. Tie Clip. This accessory is simple yet impressive. It is meant to keep your tie fastened to the shirt placket. Place the tie clip between your third and fourth buttons, around the sternum, and just below the pectoral muscles. You can add your initials to your tie clip to make it look more personalized.
  1. Leather Bag. You may need a bag for your essentials. Skip the briefcase and opt for a leather bag instead. You’ll never go wrong with neutral colors which will look well with the rest of your wardrobe. Choose something that is not too bulky, something that will not drag down your entire look. 
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