The 6 Craziest Parties in NYC This Halloween


Whether they admit it or not, everyone is a sucker for Halloween. While some enjoy the sweets and an occasional chill down their spine, others prefer the wilder side of things. You get one night a year when you can dress as ridiculously as you have always secretly dreamed of and actually go out in public this way. In fact, not only can you go out in public, but if your costume is smart and sexy enough you can get into some pretty crazy party situations. And, as always, partying is in NYC’s bloodstream. This Halloween there are some insane parties happening and we know all the best details, courtesy of Indayo Group – total master of throwing an epic party! If that’s not enough for you, we also got our hands on super sweet promo codes you can use to get discounts at some of the venues. Click on to pick your coolest Halloween destination, though if you ask us, you really shouldn’t limit yourself to just one! All the parties start October 31st, 9pm but when they end is up to you!

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