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50 Best Instagram Accounts for Travel Inspiration

Dreaming of going on adventures? There are countless of incredible places to venture around the globe. Prepare your passport and a backpack as below is the list of travel Instagrammers that will give you envy to travel.

50 Best Instagram Accounts for Travel Inspiration

Instagram has become the most inspiring thing on social media especially if you want to take a look at some travel photos that would leave you in awe. Here are 50 Instagram accounts to watch out for to be inspired and to get tips for your next trip.



A traveler who loves to take pictures of mountains and lakes. Quin is fond of capturing vivid spots especially natures.  His shots of stars in the sky are amazing.



Kisten takes awe-inspiring photos of her travels. Every post on her account has a story about her travel, it is like a blog with a lot of ideas and pieces of information about the place she is traveling.  There a lot of useful tips you could do if you travel a place she has already been.



Daniel loves topographic photography of many countries around the world especially places that have Winter season.  His posts are encouraging for they are taken beautifully.  Icy and cold features are his forte piece.



Travis travels with his girlfriend. He has cool photography of marvelous locations- lakes, mountains, beaches and the likes. Camping and hiking enthusiasts would love his feed.



Ryan uses his drone to record wonderful landscape. He stays in Mexico most of the time and he often shares his daily life on his feed.  You can see his adventure wherever he went.



Kerstien, the blondie is always posting her fun experiences and is really into traveling. Her feed is like taking you to new places, parties, and festivals. You’ll feel excited by just seeing her posts.



Gareth shares amazing shots of the sceneries he has been at.  He doesn’t only travel to see beautiful places but also he gives importance to the relationships he made in the countries where he has stayed. He also shares the videos he makes of his travels.



Chelsea is an adventurous girl who loves wild cute animals. In spite of the fact that she’s from Hawaii, a tropical state, you can see on her Instagram feed that she likes going to winter places. She usually posts herself having fun in the magnificent waters of USA.



Kristin used to be a banker but now she spends her time traveling in different countries. She takes great pictures of her hikes in many places.  She has been to lots of lovely destinations.



Chris’s Instagram account is known for his surfing activities and adventures.  You can see beautiful sceneries located far away from the crowd.  He loves to go swimming, it’s either in the tropical or ice-bound artic waters.



Lauren’s feed is brilliant, dramatic and idealistic. She is said to be the first professional Instagrammer. She has taken fascinating shots to be shared with her Instagram followers.




The feed on this account shows you the beauty of nature we have. Liz adventures through hiking, flying, and swimming. She enjoys traveling to Europe, Middle East, and New Zealand.



Johan loves to explore the world and he exhibits the beauty in it on his Instagram posts. He captures some landscapes in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. He is really a dedicated photographer who wants to show people the life outside the city and in the wilderness.



All the way from Norway, Samuel, together with his wife, Hildegunn, have adventures in many countries. He posts pictures of their escapades in every place they went. He shares his snaps of awesome sceneries in Scandinavia and other places.



Hildegunn, the wife of Samuel, shows her love for traveling and for her husband on her Instagram. She and her loved one are always together when it comes to traveling.  She shares her dream-like experiences and her photos are remarkable.



Emily has a passion for taking stunning images of sunsets in the USA.  Hiking to the top of the mountains is one of her favorite adventures. You can also see impressive shots of lakes on her feed.



Tiffy is a dentist in California who goes traveling oh her spare time. She shares the images she takes in the adventures she has had, they are vivid and interesting. Most of her snapshots are in natural wonders like the mountains, national parks, and camping spots.



This Account is owned by two persons, Dave and Deb, they are an adventurous couple who usually go for kayaking, rock climbing, and cycling. They said that adventure is for everybody, even they are young or old. Evey images they have on their Instagram are really magnificent and has funny captions somehow.



A traveler who loves icy countries, Marta, shows her love significantly for Canada, Iceland, and New Zealand. Whenever she goes to a destination, she stays there for quite a long time. She adapts in the place she stays and shoots one of a kind images showing the beauty of the sceneries.



When you are into world heritage sites and national parks, you should be following Gary. He is a pro at taking snaps of the beauty of nature and structures. He gives his followers a virtual tour around the world through showing his work of art photography.



Nicole has a talent for seeing the beauty in any place she went and takes a picture with her best pal, her camera. You can find a lot of breathtaking shots of landscapes and skies on her page. Her account is a gem exhibiting the best of the Earth.



Louis is a consistent vlogger and an adventurer, his Instagram account has a lot of images of his outdoor activities. He is also a nice photographer that shares his spontaneous trips to his social media accounts. He goes around the world with his friends.



Brendan is a photographer from Canada who is constantly moving from one place to another. He usually takes long-exposure photographs. The pictures he has taken are appealing and dreamy, either they are in the city or in faraway places.



Anna has been traveling around the world for more than a decade. Her account shows asserted travels and experiences she has had. There are snaps of her climbing the active volcanoes and hopping to some castles in Europe.



Les is one of the most adventurous people on Instagram for she always has extravagant posts of her travels. She presents photos of nature and places with a different kind of viewpoint. Her feed is something to watch out for.



Steph travels in stylish apparels. Her feed inspires girls with her fashion and she shows that through traveling she can flaunt her trendy look.  Her travels also give her followers motivations and that keeps them excited about her next new posts.



Lee is a venturer who has been to every country here on Earth.  He went to some places which are hard for us to access. When you want to know about a country you will go to, just go to his feed and might see some pieces of information about it.



Alvaro, a Spanish working guy who defies the difficulty of traveling while having a regular job. In spite of his 9-5 job, he has been to 69 countries already.  On Instagram, his photos are marvelous and he responds fast when he is asked about traveling.



Jack Morris’s Instagram posts are alluring and superb. He spends time more on photographing the places he is venturing. He explores with his girlfriend, @gypsea_lust, they are the epitome of #relationshipgoals!



Lauren Bullen, the significant other of Jack Morris, loves the salt water so much. Her photos are inviting and engaging.  She looks good in her bikini and she has swum in the sea Abu Dabi and ocean of Greece.



Kelly is stationed in San Francisco and a formerly working at some of the finest lifestyle companies. She has posted amazing pictures from her ventures. She knows some destinations that are not really known in California.



Gigi Hopkins is from Melbourne and was in a corporate world before she’s been traveling. She is giving her followers city guides and she posts the pictures of the places she cherished. You can see pictures of some hidden gems of the country she went.



Tara is a Singaporean girl who is madly in love with sweets.  She has lots of snaps of mouth-watering food and astonishing self-portraits on her feed. She travels with style and you can see the best hotels to stay at and hidden gems to go to on her Instagram account.



Murad Osman is a photographer and has an executive producer in one of the best companies in the film industry in Russia. He is the one who came up with the Instagram craze for couples, #FollowMeTo, with his wife, Nataly Osmann. They take the iconic shots in the beautiful spots of the country they are traveling.



Nataly is the woman on the iconic photos #followMeTo. After going viral on Insta, she and her husband are recognized as top travel influencers.  She used the local designers’ dresses and outfits of the countries they were in their iconic photos.



Rosie Clayton appreciates the art in every place, especially on the wall. She and her team work together to search for splendid public art anywhere in the world. Her feed is colorful and the walls are exquisite.



Selena and Jacob own this travel feed account and both of them are from Los Angeles. They left their hometown to travel the world together. You can see the documentary about their escapade and they are aspiring.



When you are into London, this Instagram account is best for you. They post pictures of places you can go in different seasons. They also recommend some restaurants, tea shops, and things you can do in the great city.



Callum Snape is a professional photographer and a filmmaker from Vancouver. He snaps extreme activities he does on his journey. Impressive shots of white mountains, arctic sceneries, and beautiful lakes flood on his feed.



Sam Horine is based in New York and he teaches classes at New York University. The photos on his feed are raw but fancy, and some of them are abandoned places in the country he is in. His travel pictures are really classic.



Oliver Vegas is a photographer who was born in Spain and has been traveling since he was 17 years old. His Instagrams has GoPro selfies, beautiful landscape snaps, and some shots of wild eagles. He posts sports photos too because he is a sports photographer for companies and one of them is Nike.



Gabriela travels with her special one and she isn’t into long-staying in one place. She uploads photos of her own point of view and gives her honest critique about them. Her snaps are really engaging that you would also want to go where she has been.



Polina is a flower lover from Moscow and currently staying in Amsterdam. Her feed is somewhat exquisite, she posts about her travel experiences and the food she has while she’s on her expeditions. She has great taste in fashion too, she is a trendsetter on each of her self-portraits.



Annette is a freelance writer and living life to the fullest after she has beaten ab anxiety disorder. She made the bucket list of the places she wanted to go and she crossed 45 countries out the list already so far. She is such an inspiration and on her feed, she talks about the food, things she finds at local markets, and the people whom she meets on her journey.



Tamara Elliott is an adventurer, travel writer, and a great photographer. She has been to 57 countries already and her photography of the places are stunning and most are waters and natures. She flaunts the beauty of the sceneries on her feed.



Glo, a travel blogger, has been to 60 countries so far and she belongs to GoPro family. She has a bubbly persona on her feed and she shows the beauty of each country she has already been. You can feel the bliss she has on her travels and discoveries.



This account is being run by travel couple, Hannah and Adam.  They use GoPro and drones to take perfect shots of their explorations, either they are in the tropics or in the arctics, the two always enjoy each others company. They are more into waters as you can see on their Instagram.



David Axelrod has both talents in travel writing and photography. He’s got his eyes for his exclusive style of shots and vivid colors that make his feed brilliant and cool. It has lots of varieties but it’s fun to take a tour on his IG.



Jade loves to explore the world, not alone but with her family, and yes, she always carries her cute daughter and supportive husband with her. She is really fond of her offspring that she takes a photo of her in a majestic way. Her family travel is a lot of fun and exciting especially to the people who are dying to travel with their fam!



Travel, fashion, and lifestyle in one! Andrew Wise is a fashion enthusiast and he is into traveling. On his page, you can see great choice of style and travel photos with his wife, Stephanie.

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