5 Must-Know Tips for New Sugar Babies

Even if you’re over the moon excited about exploring the wonderful world of sugar dating for the first time, it only makes sense that you’d be a little nervous, too. As fun and rewarding as being a sugar baby can be, there’s still a certain learning curve involved, so it’s essential to know how to make sense of things.

Here are a few must-know tidbits of great advice from long-time sugar babies who’ve been there. Keep them in mind as you continue carving out a comfortable space for yourself in the sugar bowl.

1. Define your ultimate goal

Sugar dating is just like conventional dating in that no two people are necessarily in it for the same reasons. Some people are definitely ready to meet their forever person and are hoping they might be waiting for them in the sugar bowl. However, others are merely interested in fun, casual connections for now, and that’s OK, too.

So it’s important to know what you’re hoping to gain from being a sugar baby going in. It’s also crucial to know how you want your future sugar connections to play out so you know what to negotiate for when entering your first sugar arrangements.

2. Scope daddies out online first

A good sugar dating platform you can trust with your love life is a good idea for several reasons. To begin with, online platforms save busy sugar babies and sugar daddies time, making it possible for them to explore their options anytime and from anywhere. Also, the many tools these platforms offer for getting to know someone simplify the process of vetting prospects.

That said, a meetup should only occur once the two of you have spent a fair amount of time getting to know one another online first. Spend some time chatting, and schedule a few video calls to get a better idea of how your chemistry will translate to real life, too. Then consider meeting up if all goes well.

3. Don’t settle for less

The whole point of switching from traditional dating to sugar dating is to get away from the disappointment and unmet expectations you might be used to – raising your standards as a new sugar baby is vital to gaining the life you deserve. But if you’re still settling for less than you know you want, it ultimately won’t matter where you’re meeting your potential dates.

In other words, you should never agree to meet up with or date a potential sugar daddy solely because you can’t think of a “good enough” reason not to. Not feeling any chemistry or simply not wanting to is reason enough. So don’t be afraid to say no to connections that don’t feel like a fit for you.

4. Be aware of salt daddies and Splenda daddies

Many new sugar babies naively assume that sugar dating is, in and of itself, a guarantee that they’ll never again have to deal with men who are dishonest, manipulative, or only out to get what they want. But while the sugar bowl is a great place to meet distinguished, successful men who are many cuts above average, there are fake sugar daddies out there, too.

Splenda daddies are exactly what they sound like – passable substitutes for real sugar daddies who aren’t quite the real thing. In general, a Splenda daddy is like a lite version of a sugar daddy. He may well be generous, loving, and worth dating on many levels. But he won’t be as affluent or successful as an actual sugar daddy. 

And a salt daddy is a would-be sugar daddy who’s fake all around – someone to be avoided at all costs. So if you’re talking to a potential daddy who’s doing or telling you things that don’t quite add up, be careful. He might well be a salt daddy in disguise or a Splenda daddy who’s not quite what he seems on the surface.

5. Put some effort into your profile

If you’re like most modern sugar babies, you’ll meet most of your prospective sugar daddies via your sugar platform of choice. That means your sugar dating profile will be making the majority of your first impressions for you long before you and a would-be sugar daddy ever exchange a word.

That said, it’s important to put some time into yours and ensure it’s making the type of impression you want to be making. Upload a decent amount of good-quality, recent photos that accurately reflect your current appearance. Fill out your bio completely. Be honest, but don’t be afraid to play to your strengths. A good sugar profile gives daddies a taste of what it might be like to know and date you, so make yours count.

Of course, these aren’t the only things a sugar baby should keep in mind as she explores her options, but you can easily learn the rest as you go along. So be safe, stay positive, and have fun!

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