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5 Great Places to Get Busy at Home (That Aren’t Your Bedroom)

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned, classic sex in your bedroom like you probably have most of the time.  Your bedroom – especially when it comes to your actual bed – is a cozy, private place that feels safe and secure, so it’s naturally also an ideal spot to be intimate with another person (or with yourself).

But variety isn’t just the spice of life. It’s also the key to a sex life that never feels stale, boring, or uninspired. Switching things up as far as the location where you get it on is a really easy way to keep things interesting (and switching it up with new, exciting sex positions absolutely helps as well), but you don’t necessarily need to be into risky public sex to experience the benefits. Here are some great suggestions for mixing it up right at home.

1.     The Couch

If you or your partner are completely new to having sex anywhere other than the bed and aren’t sure where to try first, this is a great option. For starters, the couch is comfortable, accessible, and a place you’re likely to already spend a lot of time cuddled up close together. Slipping into a sexual routine that includes couch sex is pretty easy and natural for most couples for those reasons.

The couch also offers pleasure seekers options that typically aren’t possible in a bed, some of which help men last longer in bed. You can grip the back or the arms for support, making it easier to get into different positions. The likely proximity to your television also makes it possible to integrate sexy movies or even porn into the experience. In other words, it’s just too enjoyable to miss out on.

2.     A Closet

This option works best for people who have a walk-in closet, a small laundry nook, or a similar space to work with. But feel free to get creative because there are lots of possibilities to consider here. The dim lighting and limited space are fantastic for encouraging you and your partner to get close (and stay that way).

Walk-in closets are also terrific options for experimenting with the idea of public sex. You can sneak away there for a private moment or two during parties and get-togethers. Or you can integrate it into your fantasy routine by role-playing that you’re somewhere (or someone) else. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination.

3.     The Bathroom

Of course, the shower or tub is the obvious go-to choice here, so you owe it to yourself to try it if you haven’t yet. Shower sex is a terrific way to get your collective day off to a great start, and there’s nothing like a shared bath to add some steam to a romantic date night. But you don’t have to stop there unless you want to.

The toilet is really pretty useful as a prop for getting physical in the bathroom. For example, the receiving partner can kneel or lean on the toilet seat to facilitate some hot doggie style, and the receiving partner can grab the toilet tank for support if needed. Get creative and explore different ways to enjoy all your favorite activities.

4.     The Balcony or Patio

This is another excellent home-based location for couples who’d like a little taste of what it’s like to have sex in public without the very real risk of an indecent exposure charge. You’re still on your own property, so the chances of someone not from your household walking in on you are pretty much zero. And the fresh air can be a natural aphrodisiac, too.

How crazy you can get with your “outdoors at home” sex depends entirely on how well-enclosed your space is. If it’s completely enclosed, you’re pretty open regarding the possibilities. Make yourselves comfortable with some pillows, add some blankets, and make a night of it. But no worries if you’re working with a space that’s a bit more exposed. Just consider waiting until nighttime to lower the chances of being seen.

5.     Anywhere with a Mirror

If you’ve never had sex somewhere you and your partner could watch yourselves going at it, it’s definitely time to try it. So consider where in your home there’s a nice, big mirror you can take advantage of, and make plans to get it on in front of it. (Try it doggie style so you can both enjoy the view and even maintain eye contact.)

If your mirror is big enough, you can probably even have sex up against it. Just be careful not to break the glass or otherwise hurt yourself, and it’s all good. If you like what mirror sex brings to the table, consider strategically hanging additional mirrors up around your home so you can enjoy the magic in multiple places.

Of course, these are just a few options to consider when exploring sex in different locations around your home. Don’t be afraid to tap into your creativity and think of others on your own.

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