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4 Ways To Look Dapper In A Dress Shirt 

A dress shirt is a fashion staple and a must-have in menswear. This type of shirt can be worn for formal and casual occasions and styled in many ways. Although for first-timers, it can be challenging to put together a polished outfit using a dress shirt as there are many factors to consider. For instance, it’s essential to consider the sizes, color, texture, and styling that would go with it.  

If you’d like to know how you can look dapper wearing a dress shirt, here are some steps that you may find helpful.

  •  Dress Accordingly

It’s essential to select the right dress shirt style for the occasion.  This could help in creating a cohesive and flattering look. It would also make polishing and accessorizing easier later on.  Moreover, dress shirts can be worn for formal and casual occasions, though there are some distinctions between the formal and casual styles. 

Formal dress shirts tend to be plain and less textured than casual ones that could come in different print patterns. Also, the kind of cuffs could differentiate the two types. French cuffs, also called double cuffs, are used in formal dress shirts. Meanwhile, barrel or button cuffs are typical for casual styles. If you’d like to know more about how to identify the formality of a dress shirt, you can refer to Bespoke Unit’s informative guide and other similar websites. 

  •  Find The Perfect Fit 

Wearing the right dress shirt size will help you put together a smart and polished outfit. To do this, it’s essential to get the measurements correct when you shop. You can consider getting your measurements at home using a tape measure, or you can also use the sizes of your older shirts as a basis. The most common references used for dress shirt measurements are the neck circumference for the collar and the full sleeve length.  

However, it may be important to note that the sizing system may vary depending on the brand. Some brands would use small, medium, large, and extra-large measurements as a distinction of the sizes. Others would use numerical values based on the length and width of each item. If you’re unsure about the size guidelines, you can ask for support from the shop assistants if you’re going to purchase from a physical store. On the other hand, you should double-check the size details and other specifications if you’re going to shop online.  

Aside from the sizes, you’ll also need to consider the different shirt cuts or fits and which one would suit your body type the best. For instance, a tall fit would be ideal for those with a tall and slim frame. On the other hand, an athletic cut would best suit broad chests and prominent shoulders.  

  •  Select A Color That Matches Your Skin Tone  

Knowing your skin undertones is essential in choosing the right dress shirt colors that look flattering on you.  

There are three skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. To identify your undertones, you can use the veins in your arm as a reference. If your veins look more blue than green, this means that you have a cool undertone. The reverse would suggest that you have a warm undertone, and it would be hard to tell the exact color if you have a neutral undertone.  

When selecting dress shirt colors, you can use the following guidelines based on your skin undertones: 

  • Cool: Those with cool undertones look well with darker colors such as grey, brown, navy, and burgundy. It may be best for those with fair skin to avoid wearing pastel shades and light neutrals.  
  • Warm: They may look great in a lighter and brighter color palette. If they choose a neutral color palette, it’s best to opt for dirty white and beige. Bold colors would also look flattering, though it’s best to skip colors that can make you look washed out. This may include colors such as those with yellow or green undertones.  
  • Neutral: Having this undertone gives you more flexible options for colors, though it’s still important to maintain balance and harmony.  

While using your skin tone as a basis might make it easier to pick out colors to add to your wardrobe, you can still explore other options according to your preference. Also, you can mix and match clothing items to achieve the right balance of colors on your outfit.  

  • Polish The Look  

Whether you’re putting together a formal or casual outfit with a dress shirt, it’s essential to keep the clothing items and accessories clean, neat, and polished for a smart and elegant look. Here are some quick points you can consider when adding finishing touches to your wardrobe: 

  • Select accessories that would complement your clothing and suit the occasion you’re preparing for.  
  • Ensure that the dress shirt is crisp, neat, and wrinkle-free.  
  • Tuck the shirt for formal styling, and leave it untucked for a casual look.  
  • You can roll the sleeves and use cuff links when appropriate. 

 You can also choose to undo some of the buttons on top, provided that the collar would remain in place. The best collars always stay stiff and upright for a classier appearance.   



A premium quality dress shirt is an essential clothing item worth investing in. It’s a flexible item you can wear anywhere, and the cost-per-wear value will get lower in no time because of its purposefulness. As such, it would be wise to select the best quality dress shirts that would make a great addition to your wardrobe.  


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