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19 Steps: The Gentleman’s Guide to Tinder

We’ve seen the horror stories, either firsthand or through some social media posting. Tinder is an… interesting app. But as the tagline says, “It’s where people meet.” And for whatever that reason may be  (casual hookup, date, soul-mate) your first impression is the difference between a swipe right or left. Tinder 2 From a woman’s perspective, I’ll tell you good guys how to get what you want from Tinder in 19 steps.

1. Avoid the blurry picture.

You can find a better one, I promise.
tinder blurry

2. Avoid the selfie.

Honestly, unless there’s something interesting in the background, pick a different pic. I’ve seen far too many close ups that don’t do the person justice. tinder too close


Seriously, one sentence, even if it’s trite, can help a girl distinguish if you’re creepy or not. tinder about me

4. Don’t be a cocky asshole.

Ex: “Please, be interesting.” “A great guy looking for…” “Yes, I have amazing blue eyes.” Just… don’t. tinder the berry

5. Don’t be creepy.

If you’re going to be that “DTF?” guy, I can’t help you. There’s no help for you. (At least start a conversation first.) tinder dtf

6. Show your face! We want to see it.

tinder no face

7. No car pictures, please. Unless you’re in them.

tinder truck

8. Keep your “About Me” brief.

Don’t make it too dating profile-y. tinder creep

9. Don’t look wasted in the picture. It doesn’t appeal.

tinder drunk

10. On that note, don’t put “I love to drink” in your About Me.

You and… just about every other adult. Pair your love of drinking with this Tinder drinking game, though. tinder drinking game

11. Your first picture should be of ONLY you.

Frat pics can be one of the others… if you insist. Frat-guys-tinder

12. This should be obvious but: Don’t post a picture with you and one other girl.

Is it an ex? Do you know what this site is about? Crop her out. tinder other girl

13. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone.

What do you have to lose? tinder convo

14. Don’t be so quick to swipe left.

Read their About Me and check out the other pictures. tinder swipe left

15. But, don’t be so quick to swipe right.

Unless you really have no standards. tinder swipe right

16. Chill with the emojis.

As in… don’t. tinder emoji

17. Just like the truck/car pictures, no dog pictures unless you’re in them.

tinder dog

18. Shirtless pictures are a huge NO.

Unless they’re candid and in an appropriate setting (i.e. beach, on a hike, etc.). tinder shirtless

19. Definitely post a dressy picture.

Suit and tie puts you miles above the rest. Unless it doesn’t fit. In which case: You should be reading this. tinder best dressed Be yourself. This is a gentleman’s guide, so I know my audience. Go out there and woo some women. Good luck!

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