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With her wonderful charm and always the big smile, Taraji Henson has become one of the brightest stars in the US. Her eccentric appearance and energetic characteristic makes her not only a professional actress but an in-demand actress with almost 30 movies and almost 10 TV series and still counting. Her name is from a Swahii origin; “Taraji” meaning hope and her middle name “Penda” meaning love.

Taraji Henson Biography

Taraji Penda Henson was born in Washington, D.C on Year 1970 of September 11. Her parents are Bernice Gordon who was a corporate manager at Woodward &Lothrop and Boris Henson who professionally was a janitor and fabricator. She is a native African-American who both sings and acts.

She studied at Oxon Hill High School in Oxon Hill, Maryland during her teens. For college, she studied at NC A&T majoring in Electrical Engineering and later transferred to Howard University. She had two part time jobs in order to pay for her university. In the morning she worked as a secretary at the Pentagon and as a waitress on The Odyssey Cruise Line at night. Her hard work paid off and she won the Triple Threat Award graduating with a degree in Theater Arts in 1995.

Taraji landed her first professional acting gig on “Smart Guy”. Then continued on with small appearances on both TV series; “Homicide: Life on the Street” and “ER.”

But what made her sparkle was when she was casted as a major supporting roles in the movie “Baby Boy” (2001) as Yvette and in the feature film “Hustle & Flow” (2004) as Shug where she was able to showcase her vocal skills where she sang one of its popular tracks, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” which took home the Best Song Oscar that year.

She begun taking many roles after her success on those two movies. In 2005, she got the major role on the movie “Four Brothers” as Camille Mercer and as Sharice Watters in Smokin’ Aces in year 2007. Just the next year, she got another major role “The Family That Preys”(2008) as Pam and in the following year, she took the role of Dayna Collins in the movie “Hurricane Seasons.”

She was casted as the mother of Benjamin Button played by Brad Pitt in the feature film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” which got her the Best Supporting Actress nominations from both the Screen Actors Guild, and the Academy.

She became one of the most in demand actresses in the industry being casted in the movies “Date Night”, “Larry Crowne” and the remake of “The Karate Kid.”

In 2012, she took the role of the enigmatic and strong Lauren in the movie “Think Like a Man” and with the same role on the sequel “Think Like a Man Too.”

Taraji returned to TV shows playing as an NYPD detective on “Person of Interest”, a CBS crime drama. Sadly, her character was dramatically killed off in the third season, stating that she wants to focus on her career but later appeared as Cookie Lyon on “Empire” as Cookie Lyon, a FOX musical drama.

She motherhood young, finding out she was pregnant but junior year in college. Rather than feeling depressed, she was determined not only to keep her child but continue her career stating to her professors to treat her no differently than others. “Don’t you bench me because I’m pregnant,” she insisted, and her teachers complied.

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