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Sofia Balbi Net Worth

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Sofia Balbi Biography

Sofia Balbi was conceived on 11 October 1989 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Sofia Balbi is the spouse of soccer star Luis Suarez, who is additionally known for her acclaimed shoe store in Barcelona.

She grew up very agreeable contrasted with most in Uruguay, as an individual from a practically privileged family.

When she was 15, her family saw Luis Suarez, a road sweeper, appeared to have fallen on harsh circumstances and took him into their home for a long time.

He cleared out their home when Sofia was 17, as her family moved to Spain. In any case, by that stage, the two were said to be totally enamored.

Her family had moved to Spain for her Father’s work, which was said to be in the managing an accounting industry.

Be that as it may, Sofia has expressed she was crushed to leave Uruguay as it was all she has known for that purpose of her life.

Sofia was apparently the purpose for Luis Suarez’s drive for soccer. Luis utilized it as an approach to get to Spain and rejoin with her.

She apparently started going with him all through his profession and has been credited as a quieting impact on his occasionally fomented life. Luis himself has said that “she spared his life”.

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