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Olya Abramovich was born in November 06, 1989. She signed and works with FACES.com and FACESInternacional.com. Being busy with the schedule, she still lives in Perm, Russia. Her followers skyrocketed when she posted nude photos in her social media accounts.

Olya Abramovich Biography

Olya Abramovich is a young model from Perm, Russia. She was one of the most followed account in Instagram for a week. In some social networks they say having family kinship with Roman Abramovich, the billionaire and Chelsea football team President, this is not true.

Abramovich got several photo shoots in Russia. This year. as she earned more than 1.4 million followers in Instagram, she would be starting to work with international magazines and some fashion brands has been interested with work with her.

Despite her success in the social media, some people tends to report her account since she post pictures of her in a bikini, or rather topless. She has been reported to the social stream for nudity and pornography. She answered all of this in one post. “If you really have to report my photos as nudity and pornography, please delete me from your friend list or stop following me.  We all have bodies and we have to be proud of them no matter what!  That’s not shame and I don’t show anything you didn’t see before.  It is the freedom of art and that piece of art is my body!  If you have a problem with that be free to leave this profile and forget about me!  Don’t judge someone because of who they are!” – she said.


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