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Monica Bellucci Biography

Monica Bellucci is one of the thriving Italian model-turned-actress of the industry. Attuned to take up law as a profession, destiny played its role as young Bellucci soon realized her true calling as a model. A fashionista by heart, she started modelling as a part-time vocation to fill in for the monetary requirement to complete her legal degree. However, her life witnessed a new verve as she settled to make her part-time profession a full time vocation! Taking a leap further she relocated to Milan, Europe’s centremost fashion hub to pursue her modelling career seriously. In not time, she earned herself contracts with some of the top brands of fashion, namely, ‘Dolce & Gabbana’, ‘Christian Dior’ and ‘French Elle’. Acting ideally became the next big step which Bellucci took to make her mark in the world of showbiz. She started off with minor roles and was seen playing significant supporting roles in the heavy budget, big banner and super successful films like, ‘The Matrix Reloaded’, ‘The Matrix Revolutions’, ‘The Passion of Christ’, ‘Tears of the Sun’, ‘The Brothers Grimm, ‘The Sorcerer Apprentice’ and so on. To know in details about her childhood, life, profile, career and timeline, read through the following lines. Her trysts in front of the camera started early at the age of 13. She posed for a local photo enthusiast. No sooner she gave up a legal profession to pursue modelling as a full time vocation.

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