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Maura Tierney Net Worth

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Maura Tierney deos not have an Instagram account.

You may know her as Lisa Miller because of her splendid performance in the hit series “NewsRadio,” but Maura Tierney  is more than anyone can handle.

Maura Tierney Biography

Maura Tierney was born on February 3. She was born and raised in the United States. She has two other siblings. Her mom is Pat Tierney who works as a real estate broker and her father Joseph M. Tierney, who was a very prominent politician of Boston before he passed away.


They all grew up in Massachusetts, Boston and just around the vicinity of Hyde Park. She spent most of her childhool times with friends and family. All siblings went to the same school so they always have common friends.


Her sister, Deidre, owns a recording studio in Los Angeles while her brother, Brian, work in films.


When she was young, she studied drama at her Notre Dame Academy. She practiced hard acting while still maintaining good grades at school. Maura was the school actress representative and acted for several drama shows and at the Boston Global Drame Festival.


She acted in theaters for some time after her high school graduation. She played in some local theaters before really grabbing some important roles in her career. She also trained for some time at the Circle in the Square Theatre School.


She went to New York University and graduated with the degree in Fine Arts, perfect for her desired profession.


Her career in television boomed when she transferred to Los Angeles with her brother. Her first casting was in Disney’s TV Movie “Student Exchange.”


She finally got a lead role on a low budget independent film named “Dead Women in Lingerie,” which was shot in less than a month. She has done some very bold roles in that movie, which was only seen after 2005 when it’s DVD was released. She also got some minor roles but what made her a hit was her major role in “NewsRadio” that aired from 1995-1999.


She decided never to act on a sitcom role anymore after NewsRadio but were still featured in few big movies like Primal Fear, Primary Colors, Forces of Nature, and Liar Liar.


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