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Lais Ribeiro was born in Teresina, Piaui of Brazil and she is a model whose birth date is October 5, 1990. Currently this 25 years old lady is busy with her career in the modeling sector belonging from Brazilian nationality she is a Brazilian model. Lais was born with her father who was a shopkeeper and her mother was running her restaurant near the city area. Lais was the eldest girl out of the children of her parents and later on with the birth of their last baby this couple got separated and formally ended their married life. Lais was under the supervision of her mother later on.

Lais Ribeiro Biography

Lais started her career as a model after she gave birth to her son. It was an advice from one of her friend to enjoy the modeling career who was also a model by her profession. She thought once about it and started her career from the year 2009. During the very time she walked into the international ramp shows that she took a chance with collaborating with various international designers. Some of them were Chanel Louis, Shiatzy Chen with whom she has a good relationship maintained. She later on was also dictated as one of the most booked models of Brazil and her works within Sao Paulo Fashion week is one of the best out of the history of her modeling line.

Lais while she was working within Victoria’s Secret was rumored being engaged with one of her affair. But she did not mention clearly anything about it and later on the rumor was dismissed. Lais additionally stated that she was a married lady and a mother of her children. It was also dictated that she have a son but the name of her spouse is a hidden story of her life.  Lais is also assumed of having a happy married life. Lais and her bio contain much of the information about her career. Still, it has been stated that she has never faced any rumor and controversy in her life regarding her personal life and her ongoing workings of her career. She is smart enough to handle both of her personal life as well as career and her bio is missing many of the information regarding her personal life within the popular pages Wikipedia and IMDb. The reason behind her missing information within the sites is due to her less reactions and responding upon her fans as well as on media.

Lais is with her height 5 feet 11 inches in tall and her figure and sexy body structure with long legs made her to look more appropriate and sexy. Lais is earning sexy salary to collect appropriate amount of net worth that is around 3 million American dollars in present time today. She is also stated as successful diva of the town.

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