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With Kaitlin Doubleday, you are sure to get the best things of everything when it comes to acting and presenting herself to the world. She is known for her best and engaging roles in “Catch Me If You Can” and TV Series “Hung” and wait for her as beautiful princess, Lady Ennogard, in the incoming movie “Dragon Warriors by Maclain Nelson and Stephen Shimek.

Kaitlin Doubleday Biography

Kaitlin Doubleday or with her birth name Jan Kaitlin Len Doubleday was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her high sweet cheekbones got her the nickname, “Cheek Bone.” She is the daughter of Frank Doubleday and Christina Hart who are both in show business.

Since both of her parents are already on the limelight, it was obvious that both her and her sister Portia, which is now a known actress, will be in the showbiz too. They are both members of the Screen Actors Guild. Her mother currently works in the entertainment industry as a playwright and also as a producer in the theater.

She made her acting debut in an episode of the CBS procedural Without a Trace in 2002. In that same year, she appeared in the Oscar nominated movie “Catch Me If You Can” as Joanna.

After that, she took supporting roles from the movies such as “Waiting” (2005), The TV Set (2006) and Accepted (2006).

By the year 2007, she got the female lead role in the ABC comedy series, Cavemen. Sadly, the comedy series received negative reviews and was canceled after a month on the air.

But that did not stop her to improve, she continued acting on TV series the following year. She was a consistent with her minor roles in hit TV series such as “CSI: Miami, Brothers & Sisters, Bones, The Closer, Criminal Minds, Drop Dead Diva and Witches of East End. She also appeared on “Royal Pains”, “The Glades,” and “Go On!”

One of her recurring role is in the HBO comedy series “Hung”, which she plays as the wonderful Logan Louis. In an interview, her talent agency wasn’t actually a big fan of nudity in TV shows. However, according to her she said she wasn’t getting any younger. “I was like, ‘No, I’m sure. I’m not getting any younger. It’s time to bite the nudity bullet’.” Auditioning for the role wasn’t easy according to her. It was lengthy and difficult; “nerve-wracking” as she said.  In the end, her performance was spot-on. Both director and scriptwriter decided to write more episodes for her because she completely performed perfect for her character Logan.


In her interview with TVEquals.com asking about her overall career, she said that she wants to take each audition more seriously than she ever did. “So, even if I didn’t want it and I didn’t really care about the audition instead of giving like ninety percent, I think I wish I’d given a hundred and fifty.”

Although she is an actress with both parents already on showbiz and she may not need to work a lot, she still auditions and most of her years are spent audition on roles, even most of them are supporting roles. According to her, it’s like having a permanent job interview.

Apart of her showbiz career, her romantic life is still clouded with mystery. She was once romantically linked with Justin Long.

This year, 2015, she’s a star in the Fox musical prime time soap opera, Empire. She plays Rhonda Lyon, wife of the eldest son in the Lyon family (played by Trai Byers).

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