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Born as Justene Ashley Costelo Jaro in the Philippines, she is prominent as Penthouse Magazine’s Pet of the Month during October 2008. She models in car magazines like Lowrider and Modified.

Justene Jaro Biography

Justene Jaro is a Filipina-Puerto Rican descent. She was born in Tacloban, Philippines but raused in Altanta.

Jaro’s career started from pure luck. Someone asked her if she wants to be in the cover of the magazine and she said yes. She wasn’t sure that time if it was true only to know about that it was and she debuts in the cover of D-Sport Magazine.

She isn’t picky on projects, she would work on any projects given to her. She said – “I’m fearless and versatile. There isn’t much I wouldn’t try”, making her think that she stands out from other models.

In October 2008, Jaro has been named as Pet of the Month from the Penthouse Magazine.

When she was asked on what is her ultimate goal in life, she said “I really wanna win the lottery.” For her likes for men, she would like someone who has a cool confidence and someone to keep her intrigued but secure. For women, she said that all women is beautiful in their own ways.

Trivia: She wears wife beater, jeans or leggings, and her hair up in a bun in a usual day. She also prefer alcoholic drinks.

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