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A complete mix of beauty, talent and skills; Jhene Aiko is this amazing singer and songwriter that is taking the industry through a whirlwind of music varieties. With her well-toned body and great charm, you will never expect her to already have a wonderful child. She released her first debut album entitled “Souled Out” on September 8, 2014.

Jhene Aiko Biography

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo or better known as “Jhene Aiko” was born on March 16, 1988. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is an eccentric well mixed of different races. Her father is African-American while her maternal grandfather is Japanese and her maternal grandmother is Spanish; add up her German-Jewish, Dominican and Native American ancestry. It’s no wonder that we have this amazing talent.

In her personal Tumblr account, she wrote a biography. “I am not this image/I am not my name/I am not my age/I am not my ethnicity/I am not where I was born and raised/I am not my mistakes and misfortunes/I am not what I have gained and have lost/I am.” While on Twitter, she describes herself as “Nami’s Mommy, Writer, Creator, Healer, Lover, Light Worker, Aspiring Astronomer, Pokémon Master, Cat Collector, Slauson Girl.”

Her career started when she began appearing on several music videos and providing her vocal skills for the R&B group “B2K.” During those days, she was popularly known as “Lil’ Fizz’s cousin”, though she is not actually related to him. It was actually used as a marketing strategy to promote Jhene with the help of B2K as well as to attract their audience. The strategy was suggested by Sony and Epic Records.
She was set to release her debut album from Sony, The Ultimate Group and Epic, but never did since she asked it not to be released so she can finish her education.

Jhene made her return to the music industry on March 2011 by releasing a first full-length project, a mixtape titled “Sailing Souls” on December 2011.  In an interview about her mix tape, “That was the height of me going through all of this stuff. I’d just had my daughter and I was working at a vegan café and I wanted to do this mix tape…I just needed to release all my frustration and my heartache and pain,” she said.

Soon after that, she signed a recording contract with the record label Atrium, from the American record producer. Jhene was featured on Big Sean’s “Beware” who was also featuring Lil’ Wayne. That song put her on Top 40 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Sail Out” was an extended play (EP) of her first album in 2011. This single was released on November 2013 with songs “3:16AM”, “Bed Peace” and “The Worst”.

Her latest album, “Souled Out” is finally released after being recorded three years ago. The album was released on September 2014 and is an amazing success. Her album was No. 3 on the US Billboard 200.  After the release, she was able to make a second ingles for the album was the songs “The Pressure,” “Wading,” and “Spotless Mind.”

As per her music, on her Tumblr bio, “The message is a simple one: love yourself in this moment, love this moment, know this moment as truth … be this moment …. sail you’re soul….don’t sell you’re soul…..its the only thing we can take with us , where ever it is we go… .”

Her daughter is named “Namiko” and is rumored Boyfriend and Producer, Dot Da Genius.

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