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Jessica Ashley Karpov or better known as Jessica Ashley, is an American R&B singer, currently signed to Nocturne Media Group/Epic Records. She gained popularity and a large following by posting YouTube cover videos for several years. In addition to her career as a recording artist, Ashley has written songs for JoJo, MKTO, Maude and Madison Beer. She is currently recording her debut studio album with Evan Bogart] and Eman Kirakou.

Jessica Ashley Biography

Jessica Ashley is basically a model commonly known for being among the top playboy’s. Indeed Jessica Ashley was the Playboy’s miss June 2014. And this vividly comes from her 32D-25-36. She was born on December 8 1989 now aged 25. Here home town Bingham Farms, a Native American nationality. She currently lives in Ann Arbor. Just laying your eyes on her you will vividly notice her height of 5’9’’, the best of the hair color say brunette that is topped by her hazel eye color. You can check more of her picture on Facebook, especially the fact that she is single.

Let’s check on her bio; to become part of Jessica ambitions you really need to explore her passion deeply. She happens to like a lot of reading as well as modeling. Modeling forms the basis of her career. she was one quoted saying “My plans are fluid, Its working so far so good” recently she was announced to be working on a novel and indeed is true as shown on her Facebook saying she has been in love with writing and that she is currently working one of her many novel she intend to write. The current novel she anticipates getting it done by early next year. She hopes that by next year she will have published the novel.

She indeed boosts on her turns-ons that is the wit, the style, top confidence, indisputable courage as well as ambitions. However, this is balanced by her healthy hints of the sexy aspects that all models have to maintain “corruption”. The entire game no way I can forget her turns-offs that include, she indeed said that “I can’t get warmed up by a specific man who lacks the art plus does not stimulate my mind”, and she said last summer. Antoshinging she suggests that such a man is worth reading Henry Miller together or even alone. Indeed miller is so sexy hence the man will be on while I get one too.

Is don’t even understand the fact that she appreciates miller so much all the same it could be the fact that his books are very dirty as considered in the thirties and will indeed level up with playboy was sin is the fifties. She concluded that Miss June is pretty sexy for any top CEO too.

Do you know how Jessica Ashley indeed landed on Playboy; she was spotted on Facebook where she got her invitation to this amazing career. She flew to California for a test shoot and lucky enough she indeed passed the test. With here pictorial she prevailed that was her first time going full nude. No way could be such a lady just accepts the invitation so quickly but she said she goes where the wind takes her. Where did she get her inspiration? Some old centerfold. She later said that it was never like work indeed it featured to be her best vacation.

Do you know that she has a pop crush for Justin Timberlake? Not lucky enough Jessica Beil got him first. She falls for “Live out your dreams as well as fantasies”.

Do you know where she went, she attended the University of Michigan with English major hence the fact that she will keep writing, with a full-time modeling career. She loves to travel like everybody wants to see new people and indeed being a playmate is a dream to her.

Finally Jessica Ashley top hobbies are keeping track of new recipes hence she loves the kitchen, will find her watching science more on documentaries and anything that will help her keep fit such as dancing as well as running and indeed plyometric.

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