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Helen Owen is a British bikini model that has been featured in GQ’s Instagram Girl of the week and featured as the Lovely Lady of the Day on Sports Illustrated.

Helen Owen Biography

Helen Owen is an instagram star with 180k followers. She began modeling at 2010 but she is not signed with any agency. Even without it, she usually models Vitamin A Swimwear on her social media accounts.

Even being in the modeling industry for years, Helen still hesitate to call herself a model though she like to create her own imagery of it while enjoying it.

She loves travelling and when asked where she would go if she can, she said “Hardest question of all! WhileI love the more tropical, bikini-appropriate destinations, I would love to visit Machu Picchu in Peru. My younger sister was recently there and had an incredible experience. It seems like a magical, sacred place and I’d be honored to see it while I can.”

The first thing she do when she get in a new location or country, “Take an overload of snapchats of absolutely everything in sight”.

As becoming an instagram star, her thoughts on the future of social media is wide, “I don’t think anyone knows or is ready for where social media is heading, but I know it’s going to continue to evolve exponentially. I think people are going to begin to shift to more candid platforms as a reaction to the staged and highly edited nature of Instagram. Snapchat is probably a launching pad for this, and I think it’s going to get even more real from there. What people really want to see is a little peek into everyone else’s (real) lives. So there you have it – my prediction. You heard it here first”

Owen is born is Bristol and moved to San Fransisco when she was young. Studying now at UCLA.

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