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Exotic, sexy but outgoing! Eva Lovia will surely be your favorite adult actress model. You might have recognized her from her popular appearances on “Stunning Curves,” “Hot Lesbian Love 2” and “Tape Bound, Volume 17.”

Eva Lovia Biography

Eva Lovia is the perfect unique mix of Japanese and Spanish ancestry. When she was young, she grew up to be a very outgoing girl with most of her friends are boys and a few awesome female friends. According to her, if you ask any of her friends what kind of person she is, they’ll say that she is funny, surprisingly down to earth and sweet, but with having a strong personality.


Her first modelling opportunity came up while she was working at Hooters. She was doing her usually routine where she specialized on folding herself into a pretzel. And there we go.


For Eva, living your life is all about learning, loving and lust. She said guys compliment her most on her freckles or her eyes.


During shooting scenes, she mentioned that she really loves the camera. “I love looking into the lens and imagining someone on the other side watching me….”


Her stage name is quite unique and she got that because she wanted something fiery and for her the name “Eva” is fiery strong and her last name is for her love of exotic and silky, “Lovia.”


But it’s no surprise since her mother posed for Playboy when Eva was younger.


She has been doing adult videos for a while and she admittedly said that she loves doing it. In an interview, she mentioned what she personally learned about doing adult videos, “You can have amazing sex with someone that you’re just meeting. It doesn’t have to be that fairy tale, wine-and-dine bullsh*t. You can meet someone, have great chemistry and have great sex.”


When she’s not busy doing her adult video shoots, she makes sure that her body is fit and healthy.


Her sexy allure made have come from her mother. Her mother posed for Playboy when Eva was younger.

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