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Dillion Harper has been in the industry for quite some time. She starred “Face Painters 2” or “Throated 43” and many more. In November 2013 she was a Hustler’s Honey. She is a mixture of Cherokee Indian and Irish. Her measurements are 32C-25-35

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Dillion Harper was born and raised in Jupiter, Florida. She was an only child until 8yrs old. “Where I live, everybody knows everyone. I was known as the troubled one. I throw parties all the time when my parents are not home.

I had a wild side but I kept it on the low down too” Dillion has a very conservative and religious family. She said her Dad disagrees with her chosen career and they don’t speak anymore.


Dillion harper lost her virginity at the age of 15. She got into the skin business after appearing as a nude model. “I used to webcam a little bit in high school in my bedroom. My room is just right next to my parent’s room! I got into porn because the economy hit really bad in my area”.

Dillion would like to be the next Marilyn Monroe “Just something out of the ordinary.” She said because of her innocent looks, she get the girl-next –door roles “It fits me! It’s fun. “I never watched porn before getting into the business, but I watch scenes to learn new things”

As for her career choice, “ I have to make a living like everyone else. I love the attention I get. Before, I was shy and intimidated. I sat in the back of the classroom honestly, Porn was my way to get out and let loose.”

Dillion said “The best things about being a porn star are the fans. Even though its porn, I am helping them in a weird way by writing them back. A lot of my fans have struggles and they look up to me. It’s pretty cool.”

She said the biggest misconception about porn is about the sex, “It looks a lot more hardcore on camera than it actually is. When you are there it’s totally different than how they put it together”

We asked her trademark “My boobs and my tan lines. I always try to keep them looking good.” As fars having sex with older men on camera, she said “It was really weird at first! I turn a switch on when I am at work and I can pretty much get through anything. I got a lot of personality.”

Her biggest fantasy is to have sex while sky diving “That would be cool” She also prefers James Bond’s Daniel craig over George Clooney. In her free time, she likes walking on the beach and camping. Dillion currently resides in Los Angeles and has a boyfriend.

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