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Denise Schaefer Net Worth

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Denise Schaefer burst into limelight around 2013. Her instagram posts made her popular bringing her to modeling. This L.A. model still continues to rise up to stardom

Denise Schaefer Biography

Denise Schaefer was born in Lima and moved to Los Angeles in 2011. She is a mix blood of Peruvian, German, Italian and Spanish. She was discovered in New York while she was on vacation. “I was offered a modeling contract in New York, but I would rather stay here in L.A. So I went to an open call and signed a contract with L.A. Models”

In an interview with itsaoao.com she said “What I love about modeling is you always get your hair and make-up done, you get to travel and meet a lot of people” When asked about what she don’t like “I don’t get to know what my schedule is until the night before, some girls are way too competitive and obsessive too. Other than that its high heels”

As opposed to what people may think about a model’s life, Denise said “Most people don’t realize that models have to go to a ton of castings before they can book a job and not all of the jobs are easy and glamorous”

Denise Schaefer would love to work for Victoria’s Secret and adores Adriana Lima. “I’m not a party animal but I have a lot of energy” she added.

A bit of a trivia: New York is her favorite city but would love to visit Rome, Paris and Rio. Her dislikes include rats, cats, dirty places, fish , studying, tomatoes, bad hygiene, people with bad intentions and negativity. On spare time she likes to hang out with friends “I am very adventurous, I like to do new things”

Denise Schaefer juggles modeling and school. Her dream job is to an actress

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