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Still sexy and hot, Brooke Burns is your all-time favorite American Actress that is known for her appearances on “Baywatch,” a game show called “Dog Eat Dog,” as well as films like “Shallow Hal.”

Brooke Burns Biography

Brooke Elizabeth Burns hails from Dallas, Texas and was born on March 16, 1978. With her local descent, it’s no wonder that she’s naturally given beauty and great physique. She studied ballet for 12 years when she was young. However, due a terrible ski accident when she was 15, she tore her anterior cruciate ligament and no longer pursued dancing as a profession.


However, despite having that incident, another new window of opportunity opened.


Her family moved to Europe when she was 16 and Brooke was opened several modelling opportunities. She modeled for Paris, Milan and Munich.


In 1997, she got her first recurring role on the hit FOX series “Ally McBeal” which lead to her iconic role on “Baywatch” a year later. Since we all know that she will be showing of her curves wearing swimsuit on the beach but this gave her the chance to be the lead actress in the Farrelly Brothers’ comedy “Shallow Hal” in 2001.


From then on, Brooke’s success simply continued on. She starred on many series such as North Shore,” “Pepper Dennis” and the revitalized “Melrose Place” of 2009.


She also hosted variety games shows like NBC’s “Dog Eat Dog,” FOX’s “Hole in the Wall” and GSN’s “The Chase.”


Brooke also starred on the 2012 music video for the Canadian band Nickelback for their single, “Trying Not to Love You.” down, the future of her career is looking as bright and bubbly as her personality.

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