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Sexy, strong and fit, Arianny Celeste, the ring girl for the UFC is here to blow your mind. Since her debut on 2006, she’s been landing various magazines like Maxim, FHM, Sports Illustrated and Playboy where she bravely posed nude.

Arianny Celeste Biography

Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marque was born from Las Vegas. She attended Palo Verde High School and chose UNLV for her college majoring in fitness and nutrition.

It seems that she was a born model because her first appearance was when she was just four months old modelling for a cat seat company. She restarted her career when she was 15 years old.

Arianny also showcased her acting skills in the movie “Repost or Die” where she acted as one of the main characters. In an interview, she mentioned that she has a blast acting and would love to have future acting opportunities. She also had the opportunity to host a TV show which is aired locally in Las Vegas, titled “Video Vault.”

Right now, she enjoys one of her passions … singing. She is focusing on making tracks and working on her demo. In an interview from knucklepit.com, she mentioned that she is working on her demons personally. She helps write her music and choosing the tracks. “I never knew how much work it involved, but I’m enjoying it very much”

Many are surprised how fit Arianny is but the secret is no secret at all. To stay fit and in shape, she works out at least four times in a week. One of her secret to staying in her routine is not having one at all. According to her, she likes changing her exercise routines so she won’t get bored. Besides that, she also box at the UFC gym. Her routines are usually cardio, weights and sit-ups. Her love for working out is seen thoroughly on her body. “I love working out: It gives me so much energy and I feel a sense of accomplishment after working out”, she said in an interview. She recommends to eat healthily and not just work out.

Are your curious on what she loves? She loves dogs. In fact, she has two; a rat terrier, the other, a Yorkshire terrier.

As a ring girl UFC, one of her pet peeves is making eye contact with someone in the audience and making them feel more excited watching the game.

For her if you are a guy and already 18 or more and never been in a fight, then you haven’t loved at all.

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