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Angie Varona has become to icon and dreams of many young girls in the world. Her hourglass figure has become an internet sensation. You can say she was once a victim of the internet. Her nude photos where leaked after getting her Photobucket account hacked but look at her popularity now.

Angie Varona Biography

Angie was born April 29, 1993 in Miami, Florida. She’s Hispanic. Back in 2007, her cellphone and Photocbuket account was hacked resulting all her private bikini pictures being leaked online. She was just 14 years old back then but her 37-24-35 inches measurement and 32DD was sensational that almost all of her photos were used on porn sites and’s “jailbait” section — where people traded and commented on photos of underage girls, even on advertisements.


In 2011, Varona appeared on ABC television with her story. “They call me a slut for what i do…but little do they know they’re doing the same thing,” she said on the interview crying.


Now, she welcomes her fame. She’s only five feet and two inches tall but her hourglass figure help emphasize her 32DD bust. Her photos are becoming wilder, daring and sexier bow that she’s 18 years old. Varona wears 32DD bra size and even sometimes wear padded push up bras or bikinis. Some people assume that Angie has breast implants or other type of enlargement surgery, but that’s simply no truth. Her bust is all natural.


In her official Facebook Page, she said, “I love animals. I work out on occasion. I love to sing. I listen to all kinds of music, but my favorites are country, alternative and r & b. Love going to concerts. Taco Bell and Subways are favorite fast food restaurants.”

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