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Angela Shunali Dhingra known as Angela Devi an Indian, from Punjab Origin, however, we can state that she was Indian American. She was conceived in New York, the USA on July 30, 1975. She acted as an American Adult model.

She conferred suicide on March 31, 2006. Inside her home, her body was found in Scottsdale, Arizona. On April 1, 2006, there were bits of gossip that she had kicked the bucket and the site won’t permit new individuals. Because of this wreckage up, AngelaDevi.com had promptly expelled the show of the declaration inside 24 hours. On April 30, 2006, the site was at long last shut and tell that span from March to April 2006, it was not accessible to new individuals. Presently in the event that you sign into AngelaDevi.com, it guides you to another site www.rascaldog.com.

On August 6, a site which is included in tattling of obscene industry, Lukeisback.com had posted reports of Police depicting Angela Devi’s passing.

As indicated by the report, her demise happened because of suicide by suffocation. It was additionally composed that a rubbish sack which was containing sure pills which can cause demise if devoured in overabundance. The void bundles beforehand contained 115 0.5 mg pills that were unaccounted for.

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