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Amber Dawn Orton Net Worth

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Amber Dawn Orton is an American fitness model and bikini competitor. Her mother was once a bodybuilder and his brother is also a bodybuilder and she started to be serious in going to the gym after her brother convinced her to do her first show. She had joined 12 competitions to date and she got featured in The Oxygen Magazine.

Amber Dawn Orton Biography

She won her first NPC show in 2009. She has been joining pageants and modeling but she never realized on doing body building and having a clean lifestyle until she started joining competitions.

Before becoming a known fitness model and competitor, Orton graduated with a degree in Economics and Business Administration Major in Finance and had her own house at the age of 19. Her career path changed after realizing her strong passion to fitness and health.

Now, Amber is a full time personal trainer, posing instructor, nutrition coach, fitness model and a wife.

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