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Sexy model and bombshell, what more can you ask for! Brazilian Model, Alice Matos, made her name in the fitness industry having more than 225,000 followers in Instagram. Not only does she keep her body fit and well, she keeps up with her social media account and interacts with her fans every day. Follow her and be excited to her every posts.

Alice Matos Biography

This Brazilian model started her career three years ago. As a youngster, she was quite an athletic person playing different kinds of sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer and more. However, just a couple of years ago, she decided to go to a personal trainer. Her only goal before was to get her body fit and in shape for summer.

But in just one year of intense body fitness training with healthy strict diet, she suddenly realized that she achieved a body perfect fit for a body building competition body. Then that’s when she decided to enter a competition.

How does she get motivation to continue? Well for her, she achieves it be the goal or desire to overcome the limits of her body.

Well if you ask her about on how she became this amazing body builder icon, she answered it already. As for becoming a bodybuilding icon, she said, “I never imagined participating in a bodybuilding championship at first. I did not want to lose my femininity. But I decided to take my chances and favorable genetics for bodybuilding. And now I love the physique that I gained from it!”

Looking at her pictures, you can say she has quite a wonderful physique but ask her personally what is her strongest point and she’ll say it’s abdomen while she thinks her quadriceps are her weak point. Note quite an admission but according to her limbs develop easier than the muscles on her legs. In preparation for competitions, I do not do much exercise for the abdomen and for my legs, I have to work the quadriceps hard and perform more aerobic exercise to avoid looking too bulky, but defined.” she said.

But just as to many men and women who develops their body, this is no fun business all the time but she keeps her training fun and doable every day. Alice makes it a habit to include workouts to her daily routine. And just like any habit, it becomes a daily part of her lifestyle and not something she “needs” to do. She also added that committing to training is a good thing. Not only that, she admitted that she get addicted to the endorphin she received during her training which is the feeling of pleasure of a work well done.

She is currently a journalist on the IFBB International Bikini Athlete. She is also the lovely owner of Labella Mafia clothing company that specializes not only in fitness clothing but also regular fashion clothes. She has competed and had massive success in numerous Bikini shows both in and out of the United States.

Her favorite quote is: “Try to be the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. Only the ones who fight for a goal are the ones who can achieve success!”

She is now happily married and lives in Brazil.

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