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Abigail Ratchford is an American model who took the social media world by storm in 2013. She now has over 3.7 million followers on her Instagram account, all waiting to see what stunning photo she’ll post next.

Abigail’s skill at building a social media following has led to her appearing in men’s magazines and websites such as Maxim, Esquire, and ZOO.

In 2014, she relocated to Los Angeles, in order to expand her skills into acting. Her most notable role so far, has been in the NBC comedy, “Parks and Recreation.”

With her tantalizing green eyes, Abigail Ratchford is a new, but gorgeous model, ready to take over the spotlight. However, she says that she wants a career of substance and longevity, that doesn’t rely on Internet success.

Abigail Ratchford Biography

Abigail Ratchford was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1992, and has German, Irish, and French ancestry. She’s the fifth of seven children and was raised in an Irish Catholic Household.

Her eldest brother, Jason, was a Calvin Klein model, who signed with Ford Modelling Agency in New York City when he was seventeen years old. Since Abigail was only four at this time, her mother would bring her to New York when taking Jason to his agency visits there.

During this time, Abigail’s mother was approached by the children’s division at Ford Models, regarding representation of Abigail, who, at a young age, was often compared to a porcelain doll because of her round face and large green eyes.

Abigail’s mother didn’t want her child to be exposed to that industry so young, so she decided not to allow her daughter to become a child model. However, Abigail had clearly caught the modelling bug.

In 2010, at 18 years of age, she competed in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, making it through to the semi-finals. That same year, she decided that, in order to pursue her dream of becoming a model and an actress, she should leave Pennsylvania, and move to South Beach, Miami.

In 2011, Abigail ventured into business with a bartending service appropriately called Perfect 10-ders. She had 12 girls working for her, who would tend bar at events, fundraisers, and parties, and do beverage serving at nightclubs, bars, and casinos. At the time, her plan was to expand the business into other metropolitan areas, but those plans never came to fruition, and Abigail instead focussed on growing herself as a brand.

She became an internet sensation in 2013 via her Instagram page, due to the stunning photos that she posts. She now has over 3.7 million eager followers.

That popularity led her to be noticed by some of the major men’s magazines and websites, securing her appearances in ZOO, Maxim, and Esquire. It also led to her being offered the opportunity to audition for television and movie roles.

In 2014, Abigail moved once again, this time to Los Angeles, where she felt that she could truly fulfil her acting and modelling dreams.

Since that time, she’s been featured in numerous billboard campaigns on Sunset Blvd., and has made multiple appearances on TMZ. Her acting work has also been growing, as she landed herself a part in the comedy “Parks and Recreation” on NBC.

With her great looks and fit body, Abigail has been compared to celebrities such as Megan Fox, who she’s actually a big fan of.

Despite owing much of her success to the Internet and social media, Abigail claims that she wants a career of substance and longevity that doesn’t rely on Internet success. Well, with someone that business-minded, sexy, and charming, it seems like we can expect to see much more of Abigail Ratchford in the future.

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