Uber Drive Doesn't Appreciate Lady on Her Phone: Runs Her Over , Lion Hunting Dentist Breaks His Silence , The New Stones of Stonehenge

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Uber Drive Doesn't Appreciate Lady On Her Phone: Runs Her Over

Uber Drive Doesn't Appreciate Lady on Her Phone: Runs Her Over

Don’t Talk and Ride?

Apparently some people are sick of hearing your conversations. And some of those people just might be giving you a ride.

An Australian Uber driver who was tired of listening to his riders obnoxious conversations apparently took his dislike to the next level recently, tossing 24 year old Sascha Pangallo from his car when she wouldn’t hangup after work.

New Cars, Same Crazies? 

If you live in New York, or any other cab toting metropolitan city, you’re well aware of cabbies attitudes and overall disrespect for those in the backseat. We had hoped with Uber that those choosing to drive us from point ‘A’ to ‘B’ would be a happier bunch of people, but that isn’t always the case.

After being tossed from the car, Pangallo was run over by the cellphone-hating driver, and dragged behind the Uber, leaving her with a broken leg, a blood clot, and an array of cuts and bruises.

The driver has since been let go, and Uber has agreed to help authorities locate the man in any way they can help.

While this is hopefully a one time incident, let this be a reminder to all you phone addicts out there: the rest of the world is tired of hearing your personal conversations. So hangup the phone, be in the moment, and it wouldn’t kill you to start a friendly conversation with your cab driver… it might even save you from being run over.

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Lion Hunting Dentist Breaks His Silence

Lion Hunting Dentist Breaks His Silence

The Dentist Speaks

Walter Palmer, the hunter turned Internet villain for killing the loved Zimbabwean lion, Cecil, broke his silence for the first time since being publicly hated on.

In a recent interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Palmer spoke of plans to return to his dentistry, which had to close due to the outrage of his extracurricular activities.

With a little help from his attorney who was by his side for the interview, Palmer stressed to remind readers that what he did wasn’t technically illegal, just kinda dickish. He also made sure everyone was aware that he did not pay $50k to take the beast down, as was previously rumored in the media.

Palmer also commented on how upset he was for the way his daughter and wife have been treated due to this ordeal, mentioning it has gone as far as the two of them being threatened on social media.

No Extradition 

Zimbabwe has requested the US extradite Palmer so he can be tried on charges relating to the killing of Cecil the lion. Both his guide, and the landowner have been charged, but according to Palmer and his attorney there is nothing in the foreseen future that will be landing Palmer in an African custody.

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The New Stones Of Stonehenge

The New Stones of Stonehenge


Even if you’ve never visited, odds are you’ve seen pictures of Stonehenge and know at least a little bit of info on the rock formations.

And while the Stonehenge the world has known for years was baffling and astounding enough, it seems scientists had overlooked an even larger version just down the road.

There has been a recent discovery of at least 90 stones, some up to 15 feet in length, shaped in an arena not far from Stonehenge. The stones were found via ground penetrating radar, since they are now buried roughly 3 feet below the earth’s surface.

The site is estimated to be nearly 4,500 years old, with the circular arena spanning a mile across, which is suspected to have been used for some type of religious ceremony or ritual.

The stone arena is the largest of its kind ever found, and has added a new interesting chapter to the wonders that is Stonehenge.

Check out the whole story and watch video of the find at NBC.

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