Pornhub is Sending You to College, The Struggle of the Skinny Man: How to Get Those Gains!, And the Kentucky Clerk is Going to Jail

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Pornhub Is Sending You To College

Pornhub is Sending You to College

Pornhub Cares

Apparently the online porn giant, Pornhub, has a philanthropic side through their charitable organization Pornhub Cares. And they want to send one lucky, self touching, college hopeful a big $25,000 scholarship.

What do You do to Make Others Happy

That’s the big question, and whoever best answers will be going to school on Pornhub’s dime. Odds are very few people are as successful as dishing out happiness as Pornhub, but the question is still a good one.

The site is accepting both written and (clothed) video recorded submissions. This marks their launch of Pornhub Cares, but according to their site they plan to “make millions of people happy every single day.”

Think you’re one of the students who can blow away the decision makers at Pornhub? Check out the Pornhub Cares Scholarship site and give it a shot.

You have until October 31st, so get to work, kids!

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The Struggle Of The Skinny Man: How To Get Those Gains!

The Struggle of the Skinny Man: How to Get Those Gains!

It’s All About the Gains, Bro. 

Muscle is cool. Being the skinniest, weakest looking dude at the beach isn’t.

But what do you do when the weight just won’t pack on, and the muscles aren’t showing up? You read this.


The first and most important step in weight gain is your diet. Skinny guys can’t get away with a skinny man’s diet. If you stick with your half a chicken breast and a small side of veggies for dinner, you will never get anywhere. That’s a promise.

In order to fight your body’s natural ability to keep your weight down you need to step up your food intake. This means that you need to at least double the amount of food you are eating.

You need to make sure you have a calories surplus at the end of the day. If you don’t, any work will be for nothing because your body will work to break this food down and keep you looking like your scrawny self. So shoot for approximately 250-500 surplus daily calories.

Train like a Beast

Up until this point you were probably on cloud nine thinking you could gain muscle weight by simply eating the right foods. And while that is a hugely important part of it, without training the extra food will turn to fat and you’ll have a whole different obstacle to conquer.

As far as training plans go, ectomorphs shouldn’t stick with the traditional 5 day split routine. Your body isn’t built to respond well to this and it will end up being worthless. You’re training for strength. The goal is to get bigger and get stronger.

Focus on shorter, strength based workout plans with major compound lifts such as deadlifts, squats, presses, etc. Compound lifts do what we skinny dudes are looking to do–put on mass.

Lifestyle Changes

Sleep is a key component to healthy weight gain. The more muscle you are building up, the more sleep you need. So skip the 3 AM nights and get some shuteye.

Keeping all these tips and tricks in mind, you should be able to work your way out of flagpole status and achieve a weight that will not only be healthy, but will also give you the confidence and self-respect that you desire.

Want more in-depth advice? Check out the original article at to see each step broken down further.

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And The Kentucky Clerk Is Going To Jail

And the Kentucky Clerk is Going to Jail

Judge Rules to Lock Up Kentucky Clerk

Kim Davis, the stuck-to-her-guns, gay hating, Kentucky clerk was slapped with contempt of court and sentenced to jail.

If found in civil contempt, one can face up to 18 months behind bars, longer if the judge holds them for criminal contempt.

Judge David L. Bunning gave her a pretty easy option, he would allow her to walk out a free lady if she would allow her deputies to sign over marriage certificates in her name. The stubborn clerk refused, and wouldn’t even come back into the courtroom.

“I have my own greatly held religious beliefs,” said Bunning, who is Catholic. “But I took an oath. Oaths mean things.”

What Will Be Next?

We’re pretty excited to see how long Davis can last behind bars before throwing in the towel. And it’s already apparent she has nearly as many supporters in Kentucky as she does haters–but that’s no huge surprise.

We’ll give you this, Kim Davis, you sure do stick to your beliefs…even if they’re keeping you from doing your job, making you taking away others equal rights, and showing the world what a small minded person you are. So ya know, good for you, or something.

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