These Life Sized Legos are Awesome, Your Must Have Fall Staples, Apple iPhone Accounts Hacked

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

These Life Sized Legos Are Awesome

These Life Sized Legos are Awesome

Ever Dreamt of Building a Real Lego House?

Legos are the shit. You knew it as a kid, and if you have any imagination you should know it now. They let the creativity flow and turn us all into mini architects.

But once real life kicks in the small scale buildings are left behind for the pursuit of careers and figuring out a way to pay the bills. Unless you’re Arnon Rosan, and you realize the potential these clickable bricks have.


Rosan’s company, EverBlock, has taken the childhood favorite and turned it into a full scale building tool. Using it to build everything from couches and tables to stable walls and room dividers.

The polypropylene blocks come in 14 colors and 3 sizes, and have the ability to be built up and torn down quickly while remaining stable and strong when put together correctly.

Why Does This Matter?

Aside from being a fun way to decorate your bachelor pad or your child’s room, EverBlock could potentially be extremely useful in natural disasters and emergency situations.

Discussing emergency shelters, Rosan told Wired, “You could drop two pallets of these by helicopter and the next thing you know you have a solid, rigid structure.”

This could potentially be huge, and just as important as it would be to play with. Plus, you could build everything in your house out of something identical to Legos, and that’s freakin’ awesome.

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Your Must Have Fall Staples

Your Must Have Fall Staples

Fall is among us– or at least will be soon.

This means it will finally be time to pack up the shorts and not having to dress solely to avoid sweating your ass off.

Jeans, jackets, blazers, sweaters, and boots will soon be the most worn pieces in your closet, so you need to make sure your staples are on point. We’re going to make sure you don’t slip up, and help you hit all the right notes when the leaves start changing colors.

Here are our must have items this fall from top to bottom:

The Perfect Jacket
Fall means changing temperatures, and nothing comes in more handy than a light–but not too light jacket. Leather, canvas, denim, and a slightly oversized topcoat are all your friends. The big thing is getting the fit and color right, then matching the rest of the outfit to set it off. We suggest something like these featured below.

Rag and Bone Harrow Denim Jacket
Diesel J-Izuna Jacket
BLK DNM Leather Jacket
H&M Quilted Pilot Jacket

Find something that resembles these with a similar color pallet. Each of these will work as well with a pair of jeans or chinos as they will for heading into the office. Remember minimalistic with a modern touch and you can’t go wrong.
The Fall Shirts You Need
Once you have the right jacket, you need something to set it off from underneath. Crewneck sweat shirts, perfectly fitting tees, and flannels are all ideal for the changing weather. Keep them toned down, simple is your friend. Look for something that reminds you of these, and wear the hell out of it.

Fall-ShirtsWooster + Lardini Patchwork Flannel Shirt
Topman Twill Check
H&M Heathered Grey Crewneck 
United By Blue Pocket Tee

The right fabrics with a little detail are exactly what you need this fall. This Wooster + Lardini shirt is one of our favorites, giving you the flannel look while setting you apart from the masses. The biggest thing to remember is staying away from spring and summer colors. Stick with greys, navy blues, shades of brown, greens and the like and you’ll be solid.
Pants Worth Putting On
The right pair of pants can completely change an outfit, and fall is the perfect time to play with new fabrics on your legs. Twill joggers, chinos, different denims, and muted colors are what you’re looking for. We picked a few of our favorites to help guide you to pant perfection, follow our direction and you can’t go wrong.

Diesel Dark Wash Jogger Jeans
Rag and Bone Twill Chinos
Asos Light Wash Jeans
Seven7 Joggers

Joggers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and if you’ve ever tried a pair on you’re loving that. They are perfect for fall, just like the rest of the pieces featured above, and all should be a regular star in your arsenal. Have a good mix of light and dark denim, with some earth toned chinos sprinkled throughout and you’re right on track.

Keep the fit close– without being too tight, and wear them enough to get a broken in look. Any of these featured above will be just as useful next year as they will be this season.
The Shoes Make the Man
No outfit is complete without the right kicks to top it off. And fall is the perfect time thanks to the lack of moisture outdoors. Boots, clean sneakers, and wingtips are the right choices, and give you something for every single occasion.

A.P.C. Suede Chelsea Boots
New Balance Pique Polo Pack
Jack Erwin Carter Boots
Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors II

Chelsea boots are a must have this fall, they keep the lines clean and these suede ones keep the fall feel. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re one of the Beatles. The rest of these featured are staples every man should have and can transition perfectly from day to night. Keep ’em clean and these should last you a lifetime.

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Apple Iphone Accounts Hacked

Apple iPhone Accounts Hacked

Don’t Jailbreak Your iPhone

In case you haven’t heard, more than 225,000 iPhone accounts have been hacked– son of a bitch.

Good news is, unless your iPhone has been jailbroken you’re safe. Bad news is, if one of your friends talked you into jailbreaking your phone at some point, you might be in trouble thanks to a malware called KeyRaider.

What the Hell is Jailbreaking?

If you aren’t sure whether or not your phone has been jailbroken, then it hasn’t. Jailbreaking your phone allows you to access features that are typically off limits for security reasons. Some people think they are above security issues.

More than 225,000 of those people were wrong.

The malware has been found mostly in apps that can only be downloaded via apps available for jailbroken iPhones, the majority of which originated in China.

However, the malware has spread far and wide, and has now reached 18 countries including the good ole’ US of A.

What Now?

Bottom line– don’t jailbreak your iPhone! There isn’t a solution yet, but Apple has repeatedly reminded users of why jailbreaking is a bad idea in the first place.

Stolen Apple ID info has already turned up on the black market and is being used to purchase apps and functions within apps on the hacked devices credit cards.

This comes just one week before Apple is scheduled to release the new iPhones. Will the hack keep Apple lovers from flocking to stores on the 9th? Highly doubtful, but it will keep those users from trying to get a little extra functionality and foregoing security.

Next time, listen to Apple, people. You likely aren’t smarter than they are.


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