Charges Filed Against Baruch Fraternity Brothers for Death of Pledge, American Crew Wants to Give You $5,000, Why a lot of Comedians Hate the Fat Jew

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Charges Filed Against Baruch Fraternity Brothers For Death Of Pledge

Charges Filed Against Baruch Fraternity Brothers for Death of Pledge

Freshman Michael Deng dies during hazing

The pledges were blindfolded with a backpack full of sand on their backs. They were trudging through a snow covered field while the frat brothers charged and tackled the pledges.

The highly unnecessary tackling resulted in Michael Deng hitting his head, causing him to blackout from the injury.

Of course, instead of doing the smart thing and immediately taking Deng to the hospital, the frat decided to cover their asses and give their president a call. President Andy Meng instructed them to conceal any Pi Delta Psi shit and to keep the frat out of it.

The group eventually brought Meng to the hospital, but he died shorty thereafter. The medical examiner stated that the delaying of bringing Meng in “significantly contributed” to his death.

Five charged with third-degree murder

37 members of the fraternity are being charged in connection with the death, 5 for third-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and aggravated assault, while the other 32 were hit with a slew of lesser charges.

In addition to the state filing criminal actions, the family is seeking a separate lawsuit against both the college and the fraternity.

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American Crew Wants To Give You $5,000

American Crew Wants to Give You $5,000

All it takes is the right haircut 

American Crew wants to see who can use their products to create the best style, and they’re going to give $5k to whoever does it best.

American Crew’s annual style competition, The All-Star Challenge, is back. We not only want to let you know how you can enter to win the cash, but how you can also get all the products last years winner used to take home the prize.

The Rules

To enter the contest, cut and style a male model with American Crew products and take two black and white photos of the model from chest-level and above (one face-on, one profile) in front of a blank background–leave the props out of it. Upload said photos and enter your contact info at the American Crew Challenge website, along with a brief description of your look and the products used. There is no fee to enter. Contest runs from September 15, 2015 through February 17, 2016.

The Prizes

The U.S. Winner will take home a $5,000 monetary prize, recognition in a 2015 professional magazine ad, mention in the 2016 American Crewe Style Selector, and a chance to compete in the global American Crew All-Star Challenge. The two remaining U.S. finalists will be awarded a $2,000 monetary prize.

15 country finalists will be chosen to compete in the global 2015-2016 American Crew All-Star Challenge, which will take place April 18, 2016, location TBD.

Not bad a bad payday just for giving someone a haircut, huh?

The Products

Of course, you can’t create a $5,000 look without the right grooming products in your corner, so we’d like to help you out with a chance to win the products used for last year’s winning look.

Just head over to Life, Tailored and fill out the quick registration form at the bottom of the page, and you could win a basket full of American Crew goodness, including:

  • American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel
  • American Crew Defining Paste
  • American Crew Pomade
  • American Crew Boost Powder

There is no purchase necessary, winner must be over 16 years of age and live in the United States. Winners will be chosen at random on September 30th and contacted via email. Participation of the American Crew All-Star Challenge is optional, and is not required to win the products. 

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Why A Lot Of Comedians Hate The Fat Jew

Why a lot of Comedians Hate the Fat Jew

In case you haven’t heard, your favorite Instagram comedian is a fraud

Most of us have had a laugh or two at one of the @thefatJewish‘s posts on Instagram or Twitter. The problem is, the majority of the stuff he posts aren’t his jokes, and he’s pissing some comedians off.

Within the last month there has been a ton of articles on Josh Ostrovsky, better known as the Fat Jew, stealing jokes and making bank. But in case you aren’t up with your internet “comedians” we’re going to fill you in.

The big man is rocking roughly 6 million followers on Instagram, giving him the leverage of selling posts for a reported $6k a piece. Except, comedians do standup, act, or if nothing else, write jokes. Their own jokes, jokes they spent time on, and not all of them are making much, if any, money off of them. Ostrovsky on the other hand, is writing very few (if any) of his own jokes, and profiting off others by “aggregating” it, as he calls it.

The comedy thief attacked on Twitter

Comedians, including Patton Oswalt, Michael Ian Black, Andy Richter, and Kumail Nanjiani called him out on Twitter after he was signed by talent agency CAA. With Richter saying “Relax. So some turd got repped by CAA. He’s not taking anyone’s spot. Seen many fakes get elevated & when they can’t deliver they go away“.

The Fat Jew also had a show in the works with Comedy Central, which has since been dropped. We’re thinking that was a good call, unless they were just going to let him run re-runs of other hits for a season.

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