Mayweather Calls it Quits with 49-0 Record, Minnesota Family of Five Found Dead in Murder-Suicide, Middle Schooler Kisses Girl on a Dare: Gets Charged with Assault

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Mayweather Calls It Quits With 49-0 Record

Mayweather Calls it Quits with 49-0 Record

Floyd Mayweather’s the new Rocky Marciano 

Mayweather rocked Andre Berto in Vegas Saturday night to close out his career with a perfect 49-0 win streak. This brings Mayweather to tie the record of legendary boxer Rocky Marciano.

Mayweather confirmed post fight that this was it for him, and he’s hanging up the gloves for good.

“I want to thank the fans…”

“I want to thank all the fans… for 19 years I would not be able to do it without these fans… But you have to know when it’s time to hang it up. I’m knocking at the door; I’m nearly 40 years old now.”

We can’t say we blame him, nothing like retiring on top when you’re not even 40 years old. Plus, boxing hasn’t completely fried his brain yet, from what we can tell, so might as well get out before it’s too late.

Mayweather has a reported net worth north of $400 million. Even with inflation in the next 50 years, we’re going to go ahead and save that’s a safe bank account to retire with. Enjoy your life post-boxing Floyd, and congrats and kicking so much ass.

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Minnesota Family Of Five Found Dead In Murder-suicide

Minnesota Family of Five Found Dead in Murder-Suicide

Tragedy disrupts a Minneapolis suburb 

Police walked into a gruesome scene last week when entering a $2 million home on Lake Minnetonka, an area known for its beautiful scenery and elegant waterfront houses.

Homeowner and father of 3, Brian Short, reportedly shot his son (Cole, 17) and two daughters (Madison, 15 and Brooklyn, 14) in their rooms, moved on to take his wife’s (Karen) life, and finished by turning the shotgun on himself in the garage.

Short, founder and CEO of, an online community for those in the healthcare field, had not showed up for work in severals, when coworkers started to worry. They asked for police to check in on the family’s wellbeing when the bodies were discovered.

Entire town at a loss for words

All three of the children were students at Minnetonka High School, who had grief counselors trying to help students cope with this sudden loss.

No motivation has been identified as of Sunday evening, and police are refusing to speculate to one.

However, while it is early into the investigation of what could have lead Short to cracking, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports a federal lawsuit against Short’s company from a New Jersey-based company, although details and severity of the suit have not yet been released.

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Middle Schooler Kisses Girl On A Dare: Gets Charged With Assault

Middle Schooler Kisses Girl on a Dare: Gets Charged with Assault

Not your ideal first kiss scenario… 

A 13 year old boy tried his luck at a surprise kiss on an older (14 year old) girl. What came next was much worse than the likely anticipated slap.

The boy is being charged with second degree assault. 

All on a dare

Apparently the boy was dared by friends to make his move, which if I recall being a middle schooler, isn’t all that crazy, but it is not a police matter.

According to The Baltimore Sun “A 14-year-old girl, an eighth-grader at Pikesville Middle School, told police Wednesday that a 13-year-old boy grabbed her by her shirt, pulled her toward him and “open-mouth kissed her with his tongue,” according to police.”

The Sun’s info was retained from the official police report, which makes the situation seem a little more rapey then we would hope is going on, on a middle school playground.

Our bet is the little guy got nervous and let his adrenaline get the best of him. Next time kiddo, settle down with the pulling, close the mouth a little, oh, and definitely make sure she’s into it. You may be able to get out of this one at 13 the first time, next time might land you on the registry.

But honestly, what ever happened to just calling the parents and telling them to sort their little girl-crazed, pubescent boy out?

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