Apple Shows Off the New iPhone, Homeless Hero Saves Woman from Gunman, How to Nail the Job Interview

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Apple Shows Off The New Iphone

Apple Shows Off the New iPhone

Finally, a better camera

Apple previewed their new iPhone today, the 6S, which will be available for purchase September 25th.

The new phone has a ton of improvements, despite the look being exactly the same as the 6 (despite the new rose gold color). For the first time since 2011 with the iPhone 4S, Apple has upgraded the new cameras. The rear camera will be 12 mega pixels, while the selfie-cam will be 5. Also, the front camera will now have a flash feature.

In addition to the still camera upgrades, Apple has added the ability to shoot video in 4K. And the “live photos” feature will take some of that amazing video before and after each photo you shoot, capturing the entire moment. Each clip will last roughly a second and a half, with the snapped photo in the middle.

3D Touch

Another big feature Apple was excited about is their new 3D touch. You are now able to press your screen using different pressures to get different results.

This can be used to view photos without leaving a screen, bringing up shortcut menus in apps, allowing you to take a selfie a little easier, or post a Facebook status without having to see any of your friend’s children on your timeline.

Aside from these pretty cool features, the big upgrades are in the hard wear and the frame. They’ve speeded everything up, claiming both WiFi and LTE will be faster, among other things. And for the outside they’ve used a new custom aluminum and the lon-X glass on the front, the same that is used on the Apple Watch Sport.

Worth the upgrade? Your call, but I for one wouldn’t mind a better camera.


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Homeless Hero Saves Woman From Gunman

Homeless Hero Saves Woman from Gunman

Not all heroes wear capes

Francisco Erasmo Rodrigues de Lima, a 61 year old homeless man in Brazil took two bullets for a stranger on the steps of the famous São Paolo Cathedral.

According to witnesses, a man and woman were in the church praying, when he attempted to rob her and the situation escalated. He then held the woman hostage outside the church while engaging police in a standoff.

Rodrigues then ran toward the gunman, tackling him and getting shot twice in the process. The woman was able to run to safety thanks to the man’s selfless act, but Rodrigues died from his gunshot wounds in the process.

The police on scene quickly open fired on the gunman, wounding him and taking him into custody.

While this brave man gave his life to save this woman’s, his legacy will always be remembered. A bystander caught the entire incident on video, showing how every second unfolded.

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How To Nail The Job Interview

How to Nail the Job Interview

A few quick tips

Job interviews can be stressful, and stress can lead to you smelling like you live in a dumpster– not exactly the best way to make a great first impression. No man (or woman) wants to walk into an interview feeling like they aren’t brining their ‘A’ game, and we want to help make sure you do.

Preparation and confidence are key to being the best you that you can be, so here are our easy steps to making sure you’re in the zone.

Wear a Suit

You’d think this goes without saying, but apparently it doesn’t. Even if the company you’re interviewing for doesn’t require a suit in the office, they’ll appreciate that you took the time and want to show them you take the job seriously.

Keep the suit simple, nothing three pieces, and nothing too shiny or overdone. Also, stick to basic grays or blues– black suits don’t belong in the office. Remember you’re there to showcase your talents, not your wardrobe. So go with something that will look nice, but leave the hiring manager more focused on your threads than your person.

And we can’t stress this enough– MAKE SURE IT’S TAILORED. An ill-fitting suit makes you look like an amateur, and no one wants to hire that.

Next, make sure the tie you select isn’t too flashy, and matches well with the suit. Sticking to blues and grays can help here too. Blue suit? Patterned gray tie. Gray suit? Vise versa. Add a simple pocket square folded square and you’re golden.

The Shoes are Important 

Like suits, you should stay away from black shoes. Sure, this is an important meeting, but it’s not a formal affair.

Opt for something in a medium brown that is polished up. Nothing too wild, but stylish is good. Again, the goal is to get them to like you, without focusing too much on your looks when you leave the room. If your shoes are old and scuffed, you aren’t going to land the job, sorry.

A Clean Shave

Confidence and readiness radiates from the inside out, but showing it in the form of scraggly beard hairs is unacceptable. A clean shave says you’re business ready. Remember, you can always grow your beard back once you get the job, if you insist. But going into an interview with a smooth face is a smooth move, trust us.

Hair Care

Today isn’t the day to try something new, but if it’s been a while since your last cut you might want to stop in a few days before the interview.

Stick to your basics, use the products you know and love, but don’t use too much of them. If it’s hot out use even less, the only thing worse than sweating is sweating beads of eye-stinging hair goop down your face.

The Extras 

The appearance builds confidence, the readiness gives you peace of mind.

Make sure you have at least two copies of your resume on hand. Keep them in a folder, not a briefcase, and definitely not a backpack. This gives you less stuff to fuss with when you need to retrieve them, and a briefcase only makes you look like you want to seem important.

When you’re in the waiting room, say no to the seat, and yes to the water. Sitting down means you have to stand back up when the interviewer comes to fetch you. While this doesn’t seem like a horrible thing, that little extra straightening of the suit when you get back up is enough to make some people nervous on their way back to the war room, you don’t need that. A glass of water, however, is something you shouldn’t pass up should you be offered. It gives you something to keep your mouth from drying up of nervousness, and gives you a one time pause to take a drink while thinking during the interview. Use this only once. 

When you’re getting ready beforehand no more than one spritz of cologne, you want your memory to linger when you leave the room, not your scent.

Use these basics, along with a nice smile and some background research on the company and you have as good a chance as anyone. Good luck!


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