Terrorist Fighting Airman Spencer Stone Stabbed... Again, Porn University is Now Accepting Applications , Holy Sh*t, There's a 10 ft. Snake in the Dryer

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Terrorist Fighting Airman Spencer Stone Stabbed... Again

Terrorist Fighting Airman Spencer Stone Stabbed... Again

Another hospital trip for hero Spencer Stone

Remember Spencer Stone? He was one of the badasses who beat the shit out of a terrorist on a train in France.

Stone and his friends and fellow fighters were awarded medals, met with the president, and essentially became household faces overnight.

They were some brave men that day, but bravery doesn’t go without a price.

During his wrestling match with the gun-slinging terrorist Stone received cuts from a boxcutter that was also in the gunman’s possession, resulting in Stone nearly losing a thumb.

Knives seem to love this kid

Well it turns out Spencer is some kind of knife magnet, because once again the airman is laid up in the hospital due to knife wounds.

Stone was reportedly in a nightclub in Sacramento, CA when he and some friends got into an argument with another small group. The men took it outside and what started with a few punches caught on security camera turned into an all out brawl and Stone suffering multiple stab wounds to the upper body.

Stone is currently in critical condition and the hunt for his assailants is ongoing.

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Porn University Is Now Accepting Applications

Porn University is Now Accepting Applications

That’s Dean Italian Stallion

Retired porn star Rocco Siffredi (aka The Italian Stallion) has decided he wants to teach young talent the ways of the sexual world.

The inaugural class is rather small, consisting of only 7 ladies and 14 men– which we’re guessing the dudes aren’t super pumped about. But kids, that just means more one-on-one time with the teacher.

Rocco gave up showing off his skills in front of the camera to focus on being a family man and strictly works behind the lens these days. But thanks to Porn U, which is actually called, we shit you not, “The Siffredi Hard Academy”.

It doesn’t end there

But the world can’t let something so interesting happen without documenting it along the way, so there will be a reality show Porn University ensuring we get to know all the loving students along the way.

There ya go kids, there’s a college to add to your applications list that is guaranteed to get you laid. Take your time on that entrance essay.

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Holy Sh*t, There's A 10 Ft. Snake In The Dryer

Holy Sh*t, There's a 10 ft. Snake in the Dryer

A king cobra, to be exact 

Because Florida is the state the rest of us just shake our heads at, one community has been on the edge of their seats while a 10 ft. venomous king cobra has been hanging around town.

How does a giant king cobra end up on the streets of Ocoee, FL you ask, well let me tell you.

Well apparently the owner, Mike Kennedy, isn’t the most responsible of killer snake owners, as Elvis, his 10 ft long killing machine somehow slithered out of his home.

The small town has been frantically looking for the snake before it would eat one of their little southern babies, and it was eventually discovered behind a dryer after an undoubtably terrified woman heard hissing sounds.

The snake was returned home

Elvis was returned to his owner after being carried away by the Florida animal folks. Kennedy’s wife tweeted out that the snake is weak but alive and she was glad no harm was done.

To be honest, Mrs. Kennedy, we don’t give a shit how the snake is doing. We’re all just terrified it’s back in your husbands custody.

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