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Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Uconn Student Is The Ultimate Drunk Tool

UCONN Student is the Ultimate Drunk Tool

Some youngsters just can’t hold their liquor

All around d-bag and repeat drunk asshole offender Luke Gatti was recorded being the worst kind of person in the student commons at UCONN recently.

Gatti, who was caught drinking in line while waiting for food, and had already been drinking previously, was asked to leave and refused service when he lost his shit.

He wanted some fucking jalapeño bacon mac ‘n’ cheese, people. And he wasn’t planning on leaving without it.

Instead of behaving like a rational adult, Gatti behaved like the irresponsible drunk 19 year old he was and decided to start pushing the commons manager.

This resulted in line cook and real life Dwight Schrute to come running to the rescue, screaming “You’re down!” and “You don’t touch my boss!”

The ordeal ends with the entitled teen being carried away in handcuffs, but not before he spits in the manager’s face like the gentleman he is.

Repeat offender, you say? 

When you’re this epic of an asshole drunk it doesn’t hold off until your sophomore year of college.

Gatti was reportedly arrested twice during his freshman year at UMASS Amherst. One incident included Gatti calling an officer the “N-word”, while another included him kicking an officer and being charged with assault and batter on a police officer.

So basically, this kid is a fucking winner.

Congratulations Luke Gatti, you’re 19 years old, you’ve already been thrown out of college (likely twice, now) and thanks to Google you’ve successfully branded yourself for life. Your parents must be so proud of their lil’ man.

Oh, and if you haven’t watched the video yet, do that here.

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Get Your High Without The Smoke

Get Your High without the Smoke

A delicious and discreet treat from Care by Design

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Get A Free Doctor Visit From Pager

Get a Free Doctor Visit from Pager

In home healthcare 

Sick happens. And because we want to be there for our readers when you need us the most, we want to share the quality and convenience of Pager with all of you.

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