American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight, Mom Gives 14 Year Old Daughter Heroin in Their Trailer , 1.8 Million Boxes of Cheerios Recalled

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-flight

American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

“Medical emergency, captain is incapacitated”

That was the call from the cockpit to the air traffic controller once the pilot on board fell sick and appeared to pass out.

The U.S. Airways (now owned and operated by American Airlines) was headed from Phoenix to Boston when they had to make an unscheduled stop in Syracuse, NY for an emergency landing.

Firefighters were on the ground when the plane arrived and immediately took the pilot into their care.

Unfortunately the pilot was pronounced dead.

What could have happened?

While it’s terrifying to think you could be on an airplane when the pilot croaks, leaving you stranded in mid-air, the FAA assured everyone that no passengers were in danger.

Lucky for everyone on board the FAA was right this time, and the co-pilot had his shit together.

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Mom Gives 14 Year Old Daughter Heroin In Their Trailer

Mom Gives 14 Year Old Daughter Heroin in Their Trailer

Mother of the year?

Jessica Lynn Riffey, 34, allegedly supplied her daughter, 14, and her daughter’s male friend, 16, with heroin in attempts to be the coolest mom in the trailer park.

Not only did the classy Ms. Riffey obtain the drugs for the teens from her awesome boyfriend, she helped tie off their arms so they could find a vein easier. Awe, what a nice mom!

And now she can party in jail

Of course you can’t go around shooting up teens with heroin for too long before the police come around asking questions.

And now Jessica’s days of being every junkies favorite mom are over. Jessica was in court Monday in Chester County just outside of Philadelphia, PA, where she was charged with corruption of minors, endangering the welfare of children, and drug delivery.

So parents, remember this is why you call your kids’ friend’s parents…you never know who is doing heroin in the trailer park. Actually, you can probably guess.

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1.8 Million Boxes Of Cheerios Recalled

1.8 Million Boxes of Cheerios Recalled

What the f*ck do you mean it contains gluten?!

If you have celiac disease, or are just gluten free because it’s so in right now, you’re going to want to return those “gluten free” Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios you purchased.

That’s right, it’s bullshit.

General Mills lied to you gluten haters and inadvertently labeled 1.8 million boxes ‘gluten free,’ when they did, in fact, contain wheat.

But because General Mills doesn’t want your tummy to hurt, they were nice enough to recall all the boxes sent out from their California facility.

If you were one of the purchasers who was unfortunately affected by this situation, General Mills has provided info via Twitter on how you can air your grievances and return that filthy gluten garbage to where it came from.

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