South Carolina is Underwater , Inmate Debate Team Takes Down Harvard , These Jordan's Will Cost You $16,000

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

South Carolina Is Underwater

South Carolina is Underwater

“We haven’t seen this level of rain in the Low Country in 1,000 years”

“We haven’t seen this level of rain in the Low Country in 1,000 years,” said Gov. Nikki Haley during a press conference on Sunday.

Over two feet of rain has fallen in South Carolina due to a recent storm, and as of Sunday residents were told not to leave their homes for any reason.

Multiple casualties have already been reported, including one woman who reportedly drown in standing water.

Curfews and closings 

Counties in the flood zones have already canceled school and set curfews to keep people inside their homes while the roads are being repaired.

According to the National Weather Service the damage is far from over. There are warnings spanning up and down the East Coast, including parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia.

Be careful out there, this isn’t the kind of shit some stylish rain boots will get you out of.

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Inmate Debate Team Takes Down Harvard

Inmate Debate Team Takes Down Harvard

Take that, nerds. 

Sometimes the obvious choice isn’t always the right one. Like when the Harvard debate team recently took on the debate team from The Eastern New York Correctional Facility. Anyone in their right mind would put their money on the Harvard bookworms, and they’d be out some cash.

Turns out these convicts can argue with the best of them.

In case you think the judges just has a soft spot for bad boys, each team is judged based on specific criteria. So playing the emotional card is trickier than you’d think.

And apparently this isn’t the first ass whoopin’ these locked up debaters have handed out. Before taking on Harvard they beat both West Point and The University of Vermont.

The prisoners competing are part of the Bard College Prison Initiative, which gives prisoners the ability to further their education while serving their sentence. The program currently includes 300 men and women.

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These Jordan's Will Cost You $16,000

These Jordan's Will Cost You $16,000

You a Duck’s fan?

It’s no surprise to most sports fans that Nike and Oregon have a love like only a student and the place he grew into a man can share.

Whether it’s new uniforms for every game, or Nike Cofounder Phil Knight writing some hefty checks, the Ducks and Nike just work together.

Which is why if you’re a real fan, you’re going to want to take out a second mortgage and pick up these bad boys. The Air Jordan 5 “Duckman” Promo Sample is available for a cool $16k on Ebay, and who could pass that up?

Not only will these shoes give you crazy street cred at all Oregon sporting events, but they have a fucking flying duck on the back where MJ should be, and that in itself is worth $16,000 if ya ask us.

Head over to Ebay and pick them up before it’s too late. But don’t bother trying to bid, these are strictly buy it now.

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