A Giant Blimp Escaped in Maryland, You Want These: Stylish, Waterproof Bags

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

A Giant Blimp Escaped In Maryland

A Giant Blimp Escaped in Maryland

Runaway surveillance blimp

So apparently the military keeps two enormous, unmanned, surveillance blimps hovering to keep watch over the capital, and a base in Maryland.

One of these giant blimps somehow came loose and floated over 100 miles with no one but the wind deciding the direction.

This in turn caused the large tether used to tie the blimp to the ground to drag behind and take out a whole mess of crap on its way.

Over 35,000 people in Pennsylvania were left without power after power lines were knocked down,

Why are they there in the first place?

According to the government, the blimp is used to watch for incoming missiles and threats on American soil. The Washington Post reports that these blimps are capable of spotting air attacks up to 340 miles away.

The fact that these unmanned flying machines can take off by themselves has added more dislike for these blimps than they already have garnered. Even before it took flight, East Coast residents aware of the blimps have worried about whether the blimps were there to protect, or to gather data on US citizens.

Not to mention, the $2.7 billion in tax money spent on these things.

Blimp down

Eventually the lighter-than-air blimp made its way down to earth and stopped damaging everything in its path. Unfortunately, the guys who let this get loose weren’t even the ones who stopped it.

No one did.

But John Cornelio, Spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command gave his best guess that, maybe it just ran out of helium?

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You Want These: Stylish, Waterproof Bags

You Want These: Stylish, Waterproof Bags

Another reason we love Swims

New this season, SWIMS now offers a four-piece welded luggage series, perfect for day trips, weekends away and carry-on travel. The luggage series includes two backpacks, an attaché and a duffle bag, all crafted with highly-technical nylon, leather trim and welded seams that create a completely waterproof bag.

The series mélange wool finish and streamlined design makes each bag a perfect addition to your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Built to last and withstand anything from rain, to snow, to accidental swims in the sea, each piece offers a fine balance of handsome style and functionality that goes the distance.

Shop for waterproof bags at Swims.

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