We Need to Stop Eating Bacon. Shit. , Police Officer Flips Teenage Girl Out of Desk, Captured on Video

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

We Need To Stop Eating Bacon. Shit.

We Need to Stop Eating Bacon. Shit.

World Health Organization reports meat causes cancer 

According to the WHO, recent studies conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) show links between eating delicious bacon, hot dogs, and processed meats, and getting cancer.


They further added that red meat, like beef, lamb, and pork likely cause cancer as well.

So what does this mean?

The IARC has released its findings, stating that processed meats are ‘carcinogenic to humans’.

In the report, they list multiple cancers as being connected with the consumption of both red and processed meats. Pancreatic Cancer, Stomach, Prostate, and Breast are all named stating they are either linked or worsened by the meats we all once loved.

Does this mean you have to stop eating meat all together? Well that’s up to you.

But is a life without bacon, really a life worth living?

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Police Officer Flips Teenage Girl Out Of Desk, Captured On Video

Police Officer Flips Teenage Girl Out of Desk, Captured on Video

Columbia, South Carolina 

Several videos have been circulating on social media and the news as of Monday evening, showing Officer Ben Fields, who is both assigned as an officer to that school, as well as a weight training coach there, flipping a student over while seated in her desk, then dragging and tossing her towards the door.

The videos immediately garnered attention both locally and nationally, prompting an investigation to be launched on the incident.

The South Carolina branch of the ACLU released a statement Monday, saying, “There is no justification whatsoever for treating a child like this. Regardless of the reason for the officer’s actions, such egregious use of force — against young people who are sitting in their classrooms — is outrageous.”

Officer suspended 

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office identified the officer in the videos as Deputy Ben Fields, the department continued to say their office along with the internal affairs division will be launching an investigation, and Fields is now on administrative leave, with suspension for all area schools.

It’s already sad that we need to have police officers in our schools, it’s even more sad when these are the types assigned to the job.

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