El Chapo Fell Off a Cliff, 5 Must Have Bags for Luxury Travel for Men

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

El Chapo Fell Off A Cliff

El Chapo Fell Off a Cliff

Mexican drug lord takes a fall 

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican drug kingpin who recently broke out of maximum security prison was recently spotted in Mexico.

Guzman was spotted just outside the town of Cosala, where special agents moved in, in attempts to capture the Mexican badass. El Chapo clearly won’t give himself up easy, and he fell off of a small cliff while eluding capture.

It’ll take more than that

Of course the notorious El Chapo doesn’t go down that easy. The drug lord reportedly broke his leg and suffered some injury to his face. As of now he is still on the run, but authorities claim his recent injuries should help to end his escape soon.

While authorities seem confident, El Chapo has been spotted multiple times in Mexico as of late, including being seen driving around in a Ferrari and riding a motorcycle.

Seems to us that El Chapo is just as confident as the authorities seem to be.

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5 Must Have Bags For Luxury Travel For Men

5 Must Have Bags for Luxury Travel for Men

Men of the 1940’s might’ve packed everything in their pockets, but the gadgets we need nowadays hardly fit inside anymore. According to statistics, men’s bags account for one fifth of luxury handbag sales.

However, when it comes to a weekend getaway or short-term business travel, many men still seem to choose a small trolley over a more fashionable alternative. Start thinking about your travel bags as accessories and let them add that edge to your outfit.

Here’s our choice of 5 stylish, luxury travel bags to replace that dull carry-on luggage forever.

Louis Vuitton Messengers

Louis Vuitton’s fall/winter 2015 collection surprised us with this 3-piece combo that we wish we had come up with.

The highly functional postman bag seems to have experienced a revival this fall, so double (or triple) up your cabin baggage with handy messengers, always in reach at waist level. Keep important things close to you at all times and speed up that tedious airport check-in.

The Weekender Duffle

Do you need the room that backpack provides but feel that you simply wouldn’t be stylish enough for your destination? Look no further with this bold, sturdy, generous hold all from Bryer Leather. As the name suggests, it’s definitely made to pack 48 hours’ worth of clothes and toiletries.

Handcrafted with Horween leather, it’s strong enough for outdoor travel and as fashionable as it should be for your 4-star hotel stay. For less than $500, you can even have a personalized monogram on the front patch.


If stripes and color schemes are more your thing, consider Bally of Switzerland, who recently came up with this Wes Anderson-inspired fall collection.

Do you want to be really comfy on your flight and wear your jeans and sneakers, but fear that you will end up looking a little too boring? Don’t worry! All fashion aficionados know: it’s all about the accessories. This duffle is the perfect choice to make your casual traveler’s outfit unique.


For one-day business trips, the perfect solution is a combo that is both a messenger bag and leather briefcase. The rich coffee color makes it a perfect accessory for autumn while the canvas fittings on the shoulder strap loosen up the briefcase look, making it fit for a wide range of outfits, from casual to smart.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style or quality. Italian leather is known to be the finest you can get, and this is definitely one smooth example. Not only does it fit a laptop perfectly, but it has various-sized compartments and zippered inner pockets for passport and gadgets which will satisfy all of your organizational needs.

The Gladstone

Are you searching for a retro look? Then start packing for your romantic getaway and ask her to meet you under the bridge with this vintage duffle from Satchel & Page. Ever since Victorian times, this has been a train travel classic and still continues to be a beloved bag today. In truth, we think it has ‘let’s elope’ written all over it. The ‘Origami-style’ riveted corners can unfold and create extra space to accommodate all those things that you won’t resist buying abroad.

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