10 Dead in Oregon School Shooting , East Coast Gets Ready for Hurricane Joaquin , The Proper Cloth Fall Style Guide

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

10 Dead In Oregon School Shooting

10 Dead in Oregon School Shooting

“Somehow this has become routine”

Oregon felt the pain the U.S. has become far too familiar with in recent years, with yet another school shooting leaving 10 dead on campus.

Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR was the target. The shooter, identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, open fired in multiple rooms on campus killing 10 and wounding up to ten more, reports say.

This comes after more than 30 mass shootings have happened in the U.S. since the Columbine shootings in 1999.

President Obama

President Obama once again had to take to the podium Thursday evening to address the country and the families who lost love ones in Oregon.

But rather than a sad approach, the POTUS sounded angry. Angry that our country continues to allow things like this to happen. Angry that we allow organizations like the NRA to push agendas. Angry that we are the only leading nation to have this problem, yet we’re too stubborn to change the laws.

President Obama’s speech was a cry for help. And it’s hard not to agree with him.

At the end of the day regardless of what your views on the 2nd Amendment are, you have to admit, this has gotten fucking ridiculous, and we as a country need to do something.


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East Coast Gets Ready For Hurricane Joaquin

East Coast Gets Ready for Hurricane Joaquin

Upgraded to category 4 storm 

Joaquin has beat up on the Bahamas with winds clocked over 130 mph, and is making its way to the East Coast.

As of Thursday evening New Jersey, Virginia, and North Carolina had all issued emergency warnings letting residences know to stay indoors.

Eyes will be on the direction and severity of the storm, as it is bringing the potential for historic rainfalls. But according to NBC News, even if the worst is behind us, the East Coast should still expect rain through Saturday.

We’ve already stocked up on booze and board games here in NYC, so give us all you’ve got, Joaquin.

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The Proper Cloth Fall Style Guide

The Proper Cloth Fall Style Guide

Fall is the most fashionable time of year 

As the temperatures drop, the layers increase and as the seasons change Proper Cloth prepared an inspirational guide starring their Fall collection.

Among the pieces you can layer, you’ll find their beautiful casual blazers, a number of soft plaid shirts, warm sweaters and their new outerwear piece –the Cortina vest.

The color palette is very subtle, from indigo tones to monochrome grays, while the styles transition from relaxed and textured all they way to business casual.

Our favorite look has to be the Cortina vest combined with a plaid shirt and layered with a soft scarf. But you can see all the great fall looks by Proper Cloth here.

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