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Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Snl And Politics

SNL and Politics

SNL nails it 

The best thing about Bernie Sanders campaign thus far may be the fact that Larry David plays the perfect spitting image of him.

In Saturday’s episode of SNL, the former Seinfeld co-creator did a guest spot in the opening scene where he played the perfect crazy old man debating with Hillary.

The segment reminded viewers of the great political characters of SNL’s past, and gave the world a small glimmer of hope for this already obnoxious election.

SNL has its haters, too

Of course not everyone can be happy, because even when it comes to comedy television someone, somewhere is going to get pissed.

Donald Trump has been scheduled to host the November 7th episode of SNL, and this has pissed some people with loud opinions off.

A coalition of Latino groups have bound together to pressure NBC in switching hosts, claiming it’s a “slap in the face” to the Hispanic community.

A petition has been circulating to drop Trump from the show, and had as many as 117,000 signatures as of Sunday evening, according to Deadline.

You don’t have to like Trump, no one is going to force you to vote for him, and no one is going to force you to watch him host SNL. But come on, it’s going to be a funny episode, don’t fuck that up for the rest of us.


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Upgrade Your Hosting Game

Upgrade Your Hosting Game

Give the cheese the board it deserves. 

Design is important in every aspect of life. You want a sleek phone, a cool car, and the right outfit to top it off. But why should your style stop when it comes to home decor and accessories?

It doesn’t have to.

Duo Server is a stylish cutting board, composed of a marble circle which nests into a walnut board, creating an elegant, unified cylindrical form.

The natural properties of both materials offer their own advantages for preparing and serving food. The parts can be separated and used individually for convenience and versatility.

The solid walnut piece is best used for cutting and displaying edibles such as bread, crackers, meat and fruit, while the marble, which can be also used as a trivet, is the perfect place to serve cheese.

When having your gang over for a snack, this is the perfect tool to cut & serve.

Now you just need to figure out how to upgrade the rest of the kitchen to match.

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