Life, Tailored Travel , You Need to Upgrade Your Bar, Threads 4 Thought

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Life, Tailored Travel

Life, Tailored Travel

Travel in style 

Jeremy Jauncey, the man behind @BeautifulDestinations, the world’s largest travel influencer on Instagram (with 4.3 million followers), shared with us his list of Top 10 warm places to go this winter.

As you know, I recently went to Europe on Singapore Airlines $16,000 Suite Class for just $500 thanks to points, and I plan to use these same points to make my way out to these tropical getaways this winter.

We also launched our own travel Instagram, @LifeTailoredTravel, where we share more tips and tricks on how you can travel in luxury and maximize your points and miles.

Be sure to give @LifeTailoredTravel a follow, but in the meantime, check out these badass vacations that we can’t wait to teach you how to take.

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You Need To Upgrade Your Bar

You Need to Upgrade Your Bar

Turn whiskey into better whiskey

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a decanter that helped transform shitty wine and spirits into barrel goodness?

There is. 

Oak Bottle is revolutionizing the beverage and bar industry by allowing consumers to take their cheap/average tasting wine, whiskey or any other desired spirit and transform it into an expensive, vintage tasting beverage within hours, with the creation of the fastest at-home aging vessel ever made.

Using a simple volume divided by surface area equation it’s easy to understand how a vessel with more surface area touching less volume can infuse the wine or spirit quicker.

The smaller the vessel, the faster the oak infusion.

What took months before takes just days now with Oak Bottle. Use the Oak Bottle over and over again, it is reusable for over 50 normal aging cycles.

They have officially launched a KickStarter Campaign to raise funds to help with manufacturing and the production process of their latest prototype, the Oak Bottle 3.0.

Learn more about how to transform your wine with Oak Bottle.

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Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought

Let your clothes care

Threads 4 Thought is a fashion brand for men and women that helps to improve the planet through a sustainable lifestyle and a commitment to giving back.

But being sustainable doesn’t mean crappy clothes. These are high quality goods we’re talkin’ here, we wouldn’t name drop it if it wasn’t.

And with cooler temperatures arriving, Threads 4 Thought prepared a great collection to keep you looking good this fall. It is time to throw on those fleece hoodies, long sleeve shirts & thermals.

They have has affordable, fashionable and sustainable men’s clothes. What’s not to love?

Check out the men’s collection at Threads 4 Thought.

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