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Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

10 Best Bars In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

10 Best Bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

As fall keeps rolling in and the temperatures drop there’s only one thing you can do – move the party inside. To keep you both cozy and well served in the upcoming months we searched for the very best bars in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Here you can enjoy great beer selections, best cocktails or simply soak in the authentic neighborhood atmosphere. From best smoked oysters to the hippest places around the block, you really need to check these bars in the following gloomy months.

We guarantee you’ll have a great time, a full belly and a couple of new favorite drinks on your list.

Check our selection of 10 best whiskey bars in NYC. 

All of the bars on the list are top rated on Yelp, and based on our own personal experiences at each venue.

Maison Premiere

Maison Premiere is inspired by hotel lobbies, afternoons in Paris cafes and late night dinners of pastis and Absinthe.

They’re famous for their menu of oysters from 30 different varieties based on market availability. Add Absinthe to that and you’re guaranteed to have a Parisian experience in the middle of Brooklyn.

Their list boasts the largest collection of premium Absinthes in New York City, so if you want to meet the green fairy, this is the place to do it.

Maison Premiere, 298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn


Featherweight is a cocktail lounge located at 135 Graham Ave, hidden behind two black doors under the neighborhood’s premier piece of street art. The location itself is a bit of a secret, which makes it that much more fun when you find it.

The interior of the bar screams “hipster”, while the exterior blends seamlessly into its surroundings. Mixing personalized cocktails, while being a speakeasy bar, this is truly a one-of-a-king experience.

Featherweight, 135 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

Post Office 

Post Office is not fancy looking at all, there’s a strong family resemblance to your neighborhood’s dive bars, which makes it kind of cool.

The general atmosphere is very friendly and with the professional staff, you’ll be sure to choose only the best from the menu. Not that there’s anything there not worth trying.

You really need to check their cocktails, that everyone in Brooklyn is praising about. That and grilled Cheese with Bacon!

Post Office, 188 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn

Noorman’s Kil

Noorman’s Kil was selected as one of top 10 hottest places to drink whiskey around US, and with a selection of over 400 whiskies, that’s not at all surprising.

The bar hosts regular whiskey tastings and other events that make this a very busy spot to hang out. With all that drinking you really should try their grilled cheeses, which is on the menu to balance the belly and 12 rotating beers available on tap.

The atmosphere is unpretentious, friendly and includes a honest service.

Noorman’s Kil, 609 Grand St, Brooklyn

The Shanty

The Shanty is a real and functioning Gin distillery in urban New York. They offer a full complement of cocktails, not only featuring their distilled spirits but everyone’s favorites from around the world.

If you rather switch for a cold one, you’ll be more than happy with their distinctive selection of craft brews.

It’s a great place to just hang out on an evening out and taste some really amazing gin mixtures.

The Shanty, 79 Richardson St, Brooklyn


Desnuda is an amazing cocktail bar for all who appreciate a bit of South America’s flair. It interprets a Latin American culinary staple for New York’s palate, using traditional and innovative ingredients to lightly cure fresh fish.

If you haven’t tried smoked oysters yet, than this is the perfect place to give them a chance, you’re guaranteed to make them your new favorite dish.

With Happy Hour $1 Oysters every Sunday and Monday there’s really no reason not to.

Desnuda, 221 S 1st St, Brooklyn

The Richardson 

The Richardson is a proper American bar. They contain a wide selection of expertly-made cocktails, old-world wines & draft beers, while the kitchen serves a charcuterie-centric food menu all day, every day.

The atmosphere is very casual, with a chilled crowd and friendly bartenders. From the cocktail menu we suggest you try the Scottish Dew and Autumn Equinox, both great starters for a relaxed evening.

The Richardson, 451 Graham Ave, Brooklyn

Montana’s Trail House

This bar gives a taste of countryside right in the middle of the concrete jungle. The atmosphere in this former auto shop is anything but city like.

Montana’s Trail House intimate rooms are decorated with kitschy pieces of Americana and some vegan unfriendly trophies.

From the menu choose the baked eggs, switchels, anything with bacon and root beer braised brisket. Not necessarily in that order.

Montana’s Trail House, 445 Troutman St, Brooklyn

Hotel Delmano 

Hotel Delmano is a beautifully crafted space that offers a wide array of premium specialty spirits, boast a seasonal cocktail menu of original recipes by their staff, and a 100-bottle wine list focusing on small artisanal producers.

They have an exceptional raw bar specializing in a seasonal oyster selection from both coasts and a selection of cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and other small plates like ceviche and steak tartare that pair well with our cocktails and wine.

You’ll love the old Parisian feel of this place, as well as all the yummy cocktails.

Hotel Delmano, 82 Berry St, Brooklyn


With a wide range of drinks, prices, and specials, Duckduck has something for everyone.

It has a strong neighborhood vibe, small staff, and cast of daily regulars, which all make this place very friendly. On the weekends they attract the hopping crowds with a wide mix of djs, plus this bar has one of the best Happy hours in Brooklyn.

You can choose from their selected craft beers on tap, seasonal cocktails, and cheap beers, depending on what mood you’re in. This place is fun, eccentric and down right awesome!

Duckduck, 161 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn

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Beards Aren't For Everybody

Beards Aren't for Everybody

Okay, so maybe it looks good on that guy, but he appears to be an actual lumberjack, and I’m willing to bet you don’t fall into that category.

When the boots and flannels of fall start to surface we tend to see a lot of beards poking out with them. For some men this can add huge style points, for others, however, it’s the worst possible decision.

Beards are no longer worn strictly by the manliest of men, lumberjacks, and badass bikers, no. They are now a trend, a “No Shave November” badge, if you will. And while trends started by hipsters often turn out to be some of our favorites, unless your beard matches your style, it’s best left to others.

But while so many prepubescent badass wannabes are trying to grow out their seven whiskers in hope of a first kiss, a real man knows there is nothing more gentlemanly than a perfectly smooth shave. The ladies love it, and shaving regularly gives you the option of smooth or stubble. Growing that mane out only allows for you to choose the hairy option, or take it all off an rock a really strange tan line to dinner.

Of course, shaving is easy, but choosing the right razor is a little more of a dilemma. 

Well, it used to be. So your face a neck a favor and stop introducing them to razor burn, and give them a quick meet and greet with Schick® Xtreme3® razors instead.

Why do we love Schick®? 

We’ve used a lot of razors over the years, and we’ve looked for the perfect balance. Schick® Xtreme3® razors are inexpensive without being cheap, updated without unnecessary bells and whistles, and have three face-loving blades equipped with the perfect amount of vitamin E and lubrication to make it the most comfortable shave imaginable.

As fall continues to replace the sun with some wind, even when your face is feeling a little chilly, remember, odds are you look better without that beard. Take it from Leo. 


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Your New Favorite Watch Will Cost You Less Than $100

Your New Favorite Watch Will Cost You Less Than $100

We love sporting expensive flashy watches as much as the next man, but sometimes you need a great, stylish, casual watch to wear around town.

Aulta watches are the casual timepieces you want, especially the The Seaward— we opted for the gunmetal and grey.

Aulta Seaward Watches 

Available for only $85.00 this is our favorite watch we’ve ever found for under $100.

The watch itself is constructed of stainless steel and comes with a durable rubber strap. The day/date function is powered by a Japanese Miyota movement to keep everything running properly.

But our favorite thing about the Aulta Seaward is the simple sleek design. No fuss, just classic, simplistic, unbeatable style. And since this watch is made by surfers, you’re good up to 100 meters in the waves.

Check out the entire Aulta collection here, or take our word for it and just grab one of the gunmetal and grey Seaward’s, you’ll love it.

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