Summon Your Inner Bond, A New Watch We Love from MINUS-8

Sunday, Dec 16, 2018

Summon Your Inner Bond

Summon Your Inner Bond

The James Bond School of Style 

According to the survey and the article from the Daily Telegraph from the 2012. Sean Connery happens to be the best James Bond of all times. Roger Moore is there on the list, side by side with him, of course. Many will agree and many will disagree with this, but one thing is for sure, every James Bond has got some class and style. Here are the most important things that make 007 the stunning man that he is.


Different actors that played James Bond had different hairstyles, but there are some common places in that style. Your haircut needs to be well groomed and flawless. You will need to have straight hair to pull it off. Ask your barber to cut it more on the sides and to let it grow a bit longer on the top. Also, it needs to be well blended and texturized without sudden differences in length.

You need to keep it neat and well groomed which means visiting the barber every two or three weeks. Dry it with a towel and use gel after combing it tidily and making a side.


While 007 mostly wears black suits, you can opt for other dark colors, as well. That is not the essential issue here. The thing that makes those suits look so gorgeous and stunning is that they are well tailored for the person wearing it.

An off-the-rack suit will never look so good on you like the one that has been tailored according to your body. It is not that easy to find somebody who makes good suits. Today, there are even the amazing iTailor online service that allows you to send in your measurements, they make a suit according to them and save your cut for future projects you may have.


The first time James Bond gets his martini, it is from Dr. No in the movie with the same name. Dr. No presents Agent 007 with the medium dry martini that is shaken, not stirred and with lemon peel. To make this cocktail, you need to use 80ml of vodka with a little bit of martini and finish with a lemon twist. That would be the martini that Bond asks for, although he never points out the real recipe. However, the recipe that he gives in the book Casino Royal is for a cocktail named Vasper. Bond asks for one dry martini in a deep Champagne goblet. It consists of one measure of vodka and three measures of Gordon, topped with half a measure of Kina Lillet. All that is shaken and a lemon slice is put inside.


The entire look is nothing if you don’t have the necessary James Bond accessories. You need glasses that are classic and elegant in style and they have to fit you perfectly.

All your papers and docs need a nice and classy briefcase. Additionally, a nice watch is a must. Think Rolex when choosing your watch, if possible.

To make your 007 style complete, find some cool cufflinks, as well. Tie is a must, so check out this cool Hex tie, which is definitely something 007 agent would wear.

Pulling off the James bond style is all about elegance and quality, but also the way you act. This spy was an unforgettable and charming gentleman and that is why you need to act that way, otherwise, you are just a well dressed man.

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A New Watch We Love From Minus-8

A New Watch We Love from MINUS-8

Style, meet sophistication.

Being on time is super cool and to help you track all your when-abouts, we’d like to introduce to you  MINUS-8, the San Francisco-based watch company, which just launched two new stylish models.

The MINUS-8 watches are the product of a futurist, architectural mindset. The collection demonstrates both a window into the future and the functional excellence of traditional watchmaking. The new collection possesses a certain masculinity and machine-like aesthetic, the accessory for the modern man in search of something distinctive and innovative.

Zone 2
The Zone 2 references a classic field watch tied with industrial influences. This watch finds its soul in the utility and minimalism. Built for a singular mission of quick, accurate time-keeping, the Zone 2 is fitted with high contrast 3-hand timing and a date window.

The 316L stainless steel is sealed for water resistance up to depths of 100 meters. The watch is fitted with a vegetable tanned leather strap with a raw suede back for comfort.

Square Chrono
The Square Chrono is a modern take of the classic aviation timepieces. Our Square was created out of a passion to build our own version in this timeless format. Square pilot watches have a long history in the aviation world, arriving in 1904, only one year after the Wright Brother’s first flight.

The MINUS-8 Square features a 316L stainless steel case with 3-hand timing and a date window, Japanese movement and vegetable tanned leather straps with raw suede back for comfort.


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