Ronda Rousey Got her Ass Kicked, Stylish Winter Accessories

Saturday, Dec 15, 2018

Ronda Rousey Got Her Ass Kicked

Ronda Rousey Got her Ass Kicked

Rousey goes down in the second 

Ronda Rousey was talking some big shit before the fight with Holly Holm Saturday night, but she ended up eating her words pretty quickly.

Shortly into the second round Rousey missed a punch in a clear sign of exhaustion, which was followed up with one hell of a kick to the head, taking Rowdy Rousey off her feet.

Watch the fight highlights here.

Check out the highlights above, and know there is at least one more woman out there who can beat the living shit out of you.

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Stylish Winter Accessories

Stylish Winter Accessories

Annnnnd, it’s cold out. 

It’s November in New York, which means the weather is slightly less bipolar and much more constant cold. And while you may not want to completely switch over to your winter gear yet, you need to add a few more steps.

The right hat and glove combo can make all the difference in your winter style game. But far too often we wait to grab something until it’s ridiculously frigid outside, and all the good stuff is gone.

Don’t let this be another winter of wearing the knit beanie you grabbed for $3 at 7-Eleven.

Try this instead

These are things you’ll wear every single day. You should invest in them like you would a solid winter jacket.

Good news is, hats and gloves aren’t nearly as large of an investment, so you can jump on them now rather than saving up for half the year.

First, know your style. Are you a leather gloves type of guy or knit gloves? Same goes with hats, are you a minimalist? Do you want wild colors and a pompom?

Infinities has a huge range of styles and is our favorite designer winter accessories site we’ve found this year. Check them out and you can get a great idea of what’s out there.

Our picks

We already grabbed our gear from Infinities for winter, and here’s what we’re recommending.

If you’re looking for some thinner knit gloves that still have the wool warmth, these Paul Smith‘s  are our first choice.


We like these due to the to thin fingers which allow you to actually grab things without the mitten feeling, along with the thicker palm for added warmth. Also, the color scheme goes well with any jacket, which is key to winter accessories.

To go with these we recommend the matching Paul Smith hat.


We love the toned down colors with the fleck knit design. Great for the minimalist guy who wants to avoid the standard black and brown.

If you’re more of a standard black leather guy, which we can definitely appreciate, we suggest thesequilted leather gloves from Barbour. They have the classy soft leather look, and the quilted pattern gives them the extra detail to set them apart from the pack.


And to match the minimalist feel of the leather, we suggest something that also keeps it low key. Thisgrey beanie from Penfield is one of our favorite simple pieces. Nothing overdone, just a simple hat that a grown man can wear on a daily basis.



Don’t wait too long again this year. Your ears will thank you.

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