This Chick Kicked Lebron's Ass, Get Your Popcorn Ready, JFK to LAX for $149 Roundtrip

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

This Chick Kicked Lebron's Ass

This Chick Kicked Lebron's Ass

Lebron has gone 2-4 in finals, Ronda Rousey is 11 and 0 …and Lebron didn’t have nearly as much at stake as Ronda. Rousey has said in the past, “I’d rather die […than lose]”. To catch you up, Ronda Rousey is a female UFC fighter, one of the most popular in the sport, and arguably the most dominant athlete in today’s world.

When Can I See Her?

Her next fight is this Saturday, August 31st at 10pm .Ronda Rousey is fighting her 12th MMA fight against Bethe Correia (9-0 mixed martial arts, 3-0 UFC) this Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rousey won her last fight in 14 seconds. It’s taken you more than 14 seconds to read this email.

So Why Should We Watch?

This is a true grudge match, where the fighters really hate each other. In May, Correia told Brazilian media that she told Rousey, “please don’t kill yourself [after you lose your UFC title.]” The quote really stings Rousey because her father committed suicide when she was 8. Plus, the most deadliest girl in the world looks banging in a maxi dress.

You can Pay-Per-View the fight for $59.99, plus you can even watch it on your iPad.

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Get Your Popcorn Ready

Get Your Popcorn Ready

Donald Trump, since entering the Presidential race earlier this year, has already called Mexicans “drug dealers, criminals, and rapists,” and given out Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number, causing consternation all through the Republican ranks, while also causing the rank and file Republicans to do some batshit things themselves (see: Lindsey Graham publicly destroying his cell phone).

Break a Leg, Mr. Trump

Despite the sh*tstorm, Trump leads the way with 18% of the vote with likely Republican voters. The first debate of the 2016 race is the Republican nomination is coming up on Fox News on August 6th.

Preparation Is for Losers

His fellow candidates will be cramming for the event, brushing up on current events, and familiarizing themselves with all the issues and for his part, The Donald plans to spend no time preparing for the event, and instead he will be in Scotland at a golf tournament at one of his courses.

This will definitely be a can’t miss event, so set your Tivos to record now.

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Jfk To Lax For $149 Roundtrip

JFK to LAX for $149 Roundtrip

American Airlines is having a huge sale on cross-country tickets. If you have a trip coming up, or looking to just getaway, these prices are a damn steal. If you’re heading to LA, we recommend the Ace Hotel; it made our top 15 hotels in LA.

  • New York, Boston, Philly to LA for $149 (and vice-versa)
  • New York to Chicago for $80
  • New York and Boston to Dallas for $80
  • New York and Boston to Phoenix for $149

The tickets are good for travel between August – early November (Thanksgiving is not included). Here are instructions for how to book your flight.


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