It’s 2016, and it’s time your Instagram feed goes from wedding pictures of high school friends and countless baby pictures, to something you actually want to look at.

We’re talkin’ badass art, beautiful women, and everything in between. So, without further ado, here are our favorite 14 Instagram accounts that you definitely should be following.



Awesome photography with a gritty, city feel to it. You’ll like it, trust us. 



humans of new york

Because a nice reminder of humanity is always a good thing. 




I mean… c’mon. 



Mens Fashion Post

Well dressed men we should all aim to model after. 



Off the rails magazine

A steady mix of sexy women and awesome shit. You can’t go wrong. 



Steves Sweatpants

Really, really good street photography. 




Edgy art installations for the public, all in one place. 



the naughty fork

Because your diet can wait. 



Way 2 Ill

Stunning photography from around the globe.



What I saw in NYC

An account dedicated to the city that never sleeps, and it captures it perfectly. 



Wonderful Places

To help you plan your dream vacation. 



Wonderful Rooms

And your dream home.



World of Pencils

The coolest shit you’ve ever seen done with a pencil. 



your shitty family

Because we can all use a reminder that our family isn’t the only crazy one. 



Terry Richardson

If for no other reason than the weirdness factor.